Women love to be.....

If you can make a lady laugh, you are onto a winner. Women love to be around men that are funny and adventurous. Work on your sense of humor by examinating standup comedy.
Intelligence is another characteristic what ladies find charming in men. You’ll be well in front in the game if you be aware of a lot about many topics. Read papers, books and stay up to date with the latest news.
Lastly there is self-confidence, that is possibly one of the most crucial of all the qualities if you wish to pick up women and it’s what women find alluring in men.
Women are downright masters when it comes to interpretating body language, furthermore will recognize a guy who is not self-confident a mile off. You see, how you think on the inside mirrors on the exterior. Feeble self-confidence will show in a man. No matter whether you want to appeal to more women, have more dates, or enhance your self-confidence, pheromones can provide you the advantage. You will want excellent value for your money, true results and an unfair gain to.....

Your pheromones must match your bodies’ chemistry to produce you the sexual charm you want.

I was at my friends house over a long weekend because my mom had a buisness meeting in Paris. While she was away, I stayed at Kaitlyn's place. I had always told her that her brother was hot, but she never belieeved me. He and I are the same age by the way. Anyway, while Kaitlyn was out with her mom getting some chinese take-out, her brother walks into the lving room and sits down next to me. We were talking when he admits to me that he really likes me. Before I knew it we were kissing and it felt great, until Kaitlyn walked in and screamed at him....that was a little bit odd, but other then that, he was really good. We are now going steady. - Ashley, 14, NJ