Dress in the latest fashion to pick up Women

So you want to know how to pick up women right? Well, each woman has their own list of qualities that attracts them to particular types of guys. Several top qualities girls find charismatic are, excitement, fashion, status, sense of humor, intelligence and self-confidence. Let’s go through these qualities in more detail.

First of all women are regularly drawn towards guys who are exiting, in simple terms because life can become tedious at times! If you’re dating a woman amaze her on the odd occasion with secret weekends away. Be spontaneous and unpredictable. Prepare dates that are out of the run of the mill, and you will be on your way to knowing what ladies find charming.
Generally guys fail when it comes to how to pick up women and especially the next quality: style. Try and show off the latest fashions, get a few nice suits or casual garments in your wardrobe, and all the time look clean and tidy. Men’s magazines will show you the clothing what ladies find eye-catching.

My and my best friend were bored one summer day and decided lets bike to our school for the fun of it. were 12 and we live in a small town(the summer after grade 6). we biked over and we got there. so we really liked these two girls, i liked one he liked the other. and the one he liked, liked him. and the one i liked, liked me. we all knew this. so by coincidence they are there when we arrive. we decide to play some games with them. we got to a game were they had to chase us and tag us to win. so me and my best friend ran like crazy and split up. i ran to the other side of the field. i slowed down not knowing she was behind me. she kind of tackled tripped me. as i tried to roll away, she pinned my shoulders down. we were looking at eachother. then we slowly came towrds eachother and kissed for like a minute or two. it was amazing! then we kissed again this time less nervous. we made out for like 10 minutes. after that we kind of just lay there and looked at the clouds. after a while we all came back to meet in the field center. all i said to matt was she got me. he got a broad grin on his face and i could tell he got a kiss too. after we went to his house and we had a sleepover. somehow the girls got to stay for the sleepover too. we kissed a lot during the movie. IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! - josh, canada