The Direct Approach,,,,,

The disadvantages of the direct approach is that the girl has to decide up-front, based almost purely on your bodylanguage and looks, whether she likes you and wants to be receptive to your approach. It also can be awkward when there are friends around, and beautiful women are almost always with friends.
The Indirect Approach – The Indirect Approach is when you start up an “innocent” conversation with a woman, make her laugh a bit and basically act like you’re not that into her for the first few minutes. Basically what you’re doing here is baiting her to start hitting on you.

In practice, I usually use the Direct Approach when I think a girl already likes me. If I notice her check me out, or if a woman is just kind of lingering near me for a bit, I’ll immediately go direct and open with “You’re cute, what’s your name” or something similar. I also go direct when I’m on the dancefloor, and I’ll use it more often later in the night.

My first kiss was with someone called derrick. I am 11, I joined a secondryy school near me. My next door neighbour knew this lad calld ste; in her yr [[ 11 ]] and me and ste were friends. Then i got his msn addy and one night he went can my friend add you. But after 3 dayys he askedd me out considering he is like 14 and i am 11 i took 20min thinking time and said yes. Then 5 day after we went to loch park; with ste and my best mate, we stopped walking, and derrick looked at me, then just kissed me. I couldnt believe it, considering ste and my mate just stood there looking at us. Then we were just kissing all time. But then we went to loch park again this week; we ended up getting off [[ french kissing ]] I was so shocked; thought he wouldnt eva do that. Anyway we still together;; And wil be 4evaa---x - anonymous

There are a couple advantages to the indirect approach. The main one is that it gives you an opportunity to display some wit and charm before she decides whether she likes you, unlike direct game where she has to decided right away. The other big advantage is that you can win over her friends a lot easier using indirect game, and winning over her friends makes your job MUCH easier.