To Pick Up Women

To Pick Up Women
There are many ways but only one that is right. That one way is different in every situation and every woman responds somewhat differently. It sounds very difficult and almost impossible to do it right. Fortunately, there are some principles that need to be followed.
Never pick up women from behind.You should never surprise women in a scary way, and coming from behind will do that to them. She must see you before you come to her. It is important that she has a certain degree of anticipation. Don’t wait too long, though. If you are reluctant, it is a bad sign and it will diminish your chances. It is well known that there are no ultimate phrases or any word combinations that will guarantee you success with to pick up women. It is not in the meaning of the words, but in the way you say it.
It has to relate to something that she is doing, or what you are doing and she observed your action. She has to feel that you are not openly coming on to her.
I was 16 and had been best friends with this guy named Ryan for almost 8 years. I always got so sad when he got a new girlfriend because i wanted to be his girlfriend. Well, a week after he broke up with the most annoying selfish brat of a girlfriend he could ever have, i had a bunch of friends come over to spend the night. Ryan decided to come because he had no other plans, which made me truly happy. Later that night he said that he wasn't going to be able to stay the night and that he had to call his dad to come get him. I prayed and prayed that something would happen to make him stay. I was shocked when he came back in the room and said that the police were searching for someone around his neighborhood and his dad wanted him to stay at my place. So, after everyong else fell asleep watching movies Ryan and I were still awake talking in a whisper like we were meeting eachother for the first time. I admitted to him that I had liked him for years and he did the same. Suddenly without warning he was holding me in his arms and slowly our lips touched in the most romantic way ever. It felt like we had been kissing for hours but in reality it wasn't even a minute.

It felt as though time had stopped. My mouth felt like it was on fire. when we stopped we just looked at eachother and smiled and we started to kiss again. The next morning he admitted that I was the first person he had ever kissed that he wasn't dating and that's when he did the most romantic thing ever. He got down on one knee and asked me, "Jill will you please be mine?" I almost fainted right then and there, but i didn't. From that day forward I was Ryan's girlfriend and I've been happy ever since - Jillian, 17, California