I don’t have his time, why?

I don’t have his time, why?
I am 24-year-old damsel. I have a boyfriend who resides in the provinces. We call, send SMS and chat online everyday. But one thing is that whenever he comes to the Kombo I do not have his time. Any time he ask me for outing I always refuse and give him some flimsy excuses like ‘I am tired or sick.’

And I never visited him once. I do not know why. However, he is the only man in my heart.
It is not a funny issue but it seems that you are one of the old schools’ girls. Do you know that there is no disguise, which can hide love for long where it exists, or stimulate it where it does not? Now before anything try to search your mind if truly you love this guy.

I assumed you did love him because you said he is the only man in your heart. If this is true without prolonging the issue make up you mind if you still want to continue the relationship. If yes, then decide today and call him to visit you because you miss him. When he comes bear it in mind that you will go out and spend some times with him.

What is it? Your game. Learn to play your game well.
Before doing this you have to make your mind positive because one in love does not fell asleep because love is a reality. Well if you do not know how to make this possible call for more information. Good luck!