The Two Part Kiss Opener

In practice, the best way to learn how to approach women is by using the Indirect Approach early in the evening, and chatting up a bunch of different groups of people, even ones where you’re not really into the girls.

This generates social proof and the other women in the bar start to notice that you seem to be mister popular (and they notice these things!), and become more attracted to you. Later on in the evening, around midnight, I start using the Direct Approach a lot more, since many of the women in the bar will have noticed me already, and Direct Approach works a lot better late in the evening when people are getting a bit more drunk and wild.

The most important part of any opener is your body language. If you’re poised, relax and smooth when you open, you can open with anything. You can check out Cajun on Keys to the VIP if you want to see what good bodylanguage looks like in action.
My first kiss was like in march of 07 i remember too it was at my cousin gina's slumber/birthday party. it was her my other cousin sherry and me. she invited about six other guys over, she called them the party boys i dont know why but she did anyway gina hooked up with some guy as did sherry and after they had there moments i didnt think nothing would happen to me so i just stood talking to the other two guys that were around me and i noticed that one of the guys named pedro was watching me so i went to sit down on the wall and he went to sit with me and we just started flirting with each other and like out of nowhere i feel his arm around me. i had just looked at him and smiled and not even a minute later he turned me to face him again and asked if it was okay if he kissed me and of course i said it was then we kissed.....i felt a little akward thougth cause i had no idea what the hell i was doing. but of course since then ive had my share of guys to know that he was kinda a bad kisser since he did nothing but put his tounge in my mouth and just move it from side to side and thats it.....well theres my story!! - Lea, 15, usa