What should do to pick up women from bars?

Also when you're picking up woman from bars you'll have to at least look confident as well as look like you're having a good time. The bar is a place of enjoyment where you have to look like you're enjoying it and not just hunting for prey. And when you do look like you're enjoying yourself, woman tend to notice that.
If you're into dancing you can go out on the dance floor and dance for a bit. The women that are dancing around are likely to start dancing with you.

And while you're dancing that’s a great time to start talking to her. You can ask her things like what her name is, and all that good stuff. And if she seems like she likes you then take her off the dance floor and to a table or some place that is quieter than that.
Remember that you aren't the one buying the drinks so don't be tempted to. You're just there to be talking to her.

It might be about the both of you like where you live, if you live out of town or some different sections of town, it can really be anything. And as soon as you're a bit more aware of what's going on you should tell her to go outside and just go get some fresh air.
And while you're outside you should talk about yourselves and the things that you do. If you are both outside and seem as if you're having a good vibe going then you can now make a move and ask her if she wants to leave the place. And if she has friends that are waiting for her and she can't then you should make it a group thing if you've brought friends as well. See how friends come in here too? And if you're alone then get her number or facebook and then save it for another night. Just remember that if she likes you she's more than likely going to want to hang out with you another time.
My BF and I have always been bffs forever, i no its dorky but thats what we say, and i was like totally in love with him. Well, one day he invited me over and i thought that all of my friends would be over to go and watch movies, like it always is, but then when i got there he was alone and he asked me out. I said yes and it was on and off for 3 years but the entire time, i never stopped loving him. We mainly broke up because he couldnt go out anywhere with me without inviting at least 2 other friends. Well finally i told him i wanted it to be just us, so late at night out on his old swing set, we were talking and all of the sudden, his swing broke. He didnt care because he knew it was going to break cause it was so old and dirty but i immediantly kneeled down and asked if he was ok. we ended laying down on the top of the picnic bench in his back yard watching stars and talking. Finally, he turned and stared into my eyes, after i had emailed him a link to your site, and gave me a really good kiss on the lips. I ended up sleeping over, we slept in his little brothers bunkbed, and had a great night, and no not in the sexual way. 13 years old, Allison, Oklahoma. - anonymous