When you approach a woman

When you approach a woman, just talk to her as if you really have something to say.

This is much easier than trying to pull off a line, it comes out more natural and it will catch her ‘off guard,’ which is a good thing. Let’s say you are in a store and you see a really good looking woman that you want to approach. If you were to walk up to her with some goofy line, chances are, she is going to not even give you the time of day. That’s the reality of it.

However, if you approach her and open the conversation with a more real opener, chances are… she won’t even think that you are trying to pick her up, and she will be more than open to talk to you. Make a little observation of what she is looking at. You can even inject a little humor into it and it will go over even better.
This fall I finally moved out of my house and transfered to a university. I roomed up with a friend from high school and throught my friend I met Mary. I eventaully asked this girl out and we both fit togather well. We had been "offical" a couple weeks but I hadn't kissed her yet. Trouble was I had never kissed a girl so I was extremely afraid. On a Sunday night when I returned to school from work we were hanging out and I was tickling her. Eventually she attempted to pin my hands down. We were both facing each other and I was still trying to tickle her but I could tell she didnt want to let go of me, not becasue of the tickling but because of something else. She was looking at me really differently, with no expression, but her eyes were saying everything. Finally I strummed up enough courage to make a move.

I stared at her for a moment and then slowly moved in. She did the same and closed her eyes. Before I reached her lips I shut my eyes and then felt her lips. I held my lips on heres and very lightly opened my mouth a bit and kissed her again. I moved back and we looked at each other. I told her that was fun and she said "It's pretty fun." I stared off in amazement of how wonderful that was and then I leaned in and kissed her again, this time staying there a little longer, and got a feel of things. We didnt make out that night but I didnt wait long to. Now all we do is kiss. - Tony, 21, Oklahoma