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First Kiss Stories
Okay so my first kiss was, 3 days ago an it was the most AMAZING thing i have ever done, okay so i hadthis halloween party and my bf was there and we were hangin out together all night and then we all decide to play this hide and go seek game, so of course me and my bf hid together, and i live in the woods so there are coyotes and all that jazz out by my house and anyways so we were hidin together and the coyotes started howling right oitside my fence ans we were hiding like 5 feet away from the fence so i was really nervous, and my bf austin, goes, dont be scares, i love you too Much. And he proceeded to sweep me off my feet, he is TOTALLY buff, and he kissed me on the lips for like ever, i felt like a disney princess:), and he was like are you scared anymore? And i was like, maybe if u kissed me again i wouldnt be, and we totally made out again. - sarah, 13, wi
My first kiss was yesterday... on Sweetest Day (it's like valentine's day in ohio:). My boyfriend got my a Snickers, which he got me on our first date @ a football game.... how cute... i know! Well me and my boyfriend are both in this school club called Pride, and we went on a trip to a Haunted House. So on the bus ride up there, we held hands and talked about how much fun it was going to be. All through out the hayride and the trail we held hands and hugged (we ran like little kids, but i think i was the only one screaming lol:) Well when we got back on the bus, it was pitch black and i was a bit tired, so i layed my head on his shoulders. He put his arm around me and we just snuggled for a bit.
Well... then we kidda looked at each other and our heads were really close together (i could feel his breath on my lips), and his friend pushed him! I totally forgot that there were people around us, but don't worry we didn't kiss then... that would of been a bit awkward. But after we settled again, i put my head back on his shoulder, he put his arm around me and we just sat there. Our faces were really close again (i still could feel his warm breath on my face:), and i kinda just turned my head a tiny bit and he turned his head, just like mine, and he put a little peck on my lips (his lips were soooo soft and felt like silk:) When we pulled away, he whispered "I love you" in my ear. I whispered "I love you 2", and put my head back on his shoulders. We just kidda sat and snuggled next to each other all the way back home:) We hugged goodbye (we didn't wanna worry our parents lol), and said our goodbyes and left each other to ride home. I was breathless and I still am. That was the best first kiss ever! - J.I.S, 14

my first kiss was with this guy who had known since i was in 3rd grade. i had liked him since fourth grade and we were really good friends. and one day, as we were walking out of school he pulled me over behind the building and he told me he liked me and i then i told him i liked him and we were talking and we looked into each others eyes and both had the same thought on our mind "i want to kiss you". so we both leaned in and kissed. it was amazing. - emma, 13, orlando