How to Win a Woman's Heart

How to Win a Woman's Heart

If you are among or one of those old schools that believe you can only win woman’s heart when you are fully loaded with some cash, better you think twice. Money is not everything when it comes to love but it is part of love’s gateways.

Money power, it is true that you can get any type of woman when you are rich but it does not really mean that you have won her heart or she has given you her heart.

Woman needs a man that will call her beauty instead of odd and stigmatize names. Woman needs a man that will lie under the stars while she listens to his heartbeat and stay awake to watch him sleeping.

This is the same thing as you a man will open your arms waiting or expecting your sweet heart rushing towards and embrace you while you cuddle her. So if you really want to win a woman’s heart you need to be a good observant; meaning you have to observe her to know her likes and dislikes, her happy and sad moments.
If you are sure of truly loving a woman and want her heart, you have to love her for what she is not who is she and what you are when you are with her or away from her as this will give her confidence with full hope that you are there for her.

When a woman is in love he want a man to do everything to prove his love to her because she will want and wait for a man or boy who will kiss her forehead, show her off to the world when you are in sweats and hold her hand in front of his friends and say this is my wife or woman.

This is because woman will and can only give her heart to a man who constantly reminding her of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have her.

You need to build excitement between her and you, as that will always make her feel you are absent or far away from her. How do you do this? Okay, start with a nice emotional chat with unexpected hugs and kisses.

Know more about your wife though woman is not easy to understand vividly as we sometimes think but gradually. Like mentioned earlier make your wife in need of you every time by always be friendly to her so that she will feel free to talk with you about everything including threshing-out.

Doing this she will have confidence and becomes your friend and through this you shall win her heart gradually.

Constant communication does the magic very fast as this allows you to discuss some ideas and emotional words. Always tell your wife I love you and call her pet names not only at bedtime alone.

Even when you are dressing for work in the morning let her be part of it. This will always make her want to see you back home early, because this will allow her to be freed in mind and action and will always undress you with her mind and eyes.

And with this you are penetrating gradually to the innermost part of her heart. Love is sweet and never hurt. You have to love to be loved because the heart that love is always higher therefore you have to be patience with your woman.

Like they say the patient dog eat the fattest bone; it is not easy but it is parts of the foundation to a memorable and an everlasting relationship. Man should be patient with his woman and in doing this he will create a special unique impact in her heart.