When you are talking to her

When you are talking to her, actually listen and use whatever she gives you to keep the conversation going.

A lot of men do not realize how EASY it can be to get a really long conversation started with a woman, one of those conversations that she will remember and it starts by listening to what she has to say. Women will feed you little tidbits all of the time and as long as you are paying attention and using those tidbits to take the conversation further or even in another direction, you will probably never run out of things to say.

The guy I kissed is named Kannon, and he was like forbidden fruit. He's 19 and I'm 15, so no one understands...we tried not to fall in love, but it wasn't something we could control. He is more experienced than I am, but he regrets every mistake he has made. We even fell in love before he kissed me, because he respects me THAT much that he was okay with waiting until I was ready : ). So, I called him to come over to my house while my mom was at work. We were cuddling and listening to love songs, and then i softly touched his lips with my tongue...he started doing the same.
Then, at the same time, we just locked lips, open mouthed, and full of passion. We stopped to take a breath, and I said "Wow...we just really kissed!!!" and he replied, "Are you okay with that? ...I don't want to push anything." I assured him that was how I wanted my first kiss to be...with the guy I love. He told me that kissing me was better than any sex he's ever had...that means a lot. And, we've agreed to not have sex until marriage :D - Azalia, 15, OR