Do you know?

Do you know why most men failed to understand how to pick up women? Lets analyze this situation here. Men that are buying drinks for woman are sending a bad message in most cases. I don't know how to talk to them so I need to buy some drinks as an ice breaker so I can feel validated too. And little do they know, there are some chicks that go to the bar just to get free drinks from men like that. Are they going to go home with them at the end of the night? Not likely.
The whole thing about learning how to pick up woman doesn't have to include you buying a drink as soon as you want to talk to one. I've picked up woman from the bar and either that night or a few days later I've managed to end up sleeping with them without having to buy any alcohol whatsoever.
I was 16 when i got my first kiss! it was November 22, 2007 Me and my boyfriend had been going out for a month to the day, i'm still not sure if that was planned or not.. anyhow, it was Thanksgiving day, and both of us had dinners we attended. Then, we made plans for him to come pick me up and we were going to go down to the plaza and watch the Christmas Lights be turned on. (We're from Kansas City, and this is a huge event that happens every year) So, he came an picked me up really early, the lights came on at 7:30p.m. So we were down and it was cold, we were walking and just looking around.

We still had about an hour to kill, before the band even came on, so we went back to his car, where it was warmer and just sat in the back seat... he was tickling me and we were just talking, when he leaned over after a few minutes of silence, and he kissed me! i had my mouth closed at first, but then we started frenching. And we stopped after probably a minute, then he kissed me more throughout the night! it was an amazing first kiss!! We are still going out, and today is our 4 month anniversary! - Tara, 16, Kansas City