How to pick up women without...

Why do most men shun the idea of learning how to pick up women? Or, why do they read stuff about learning how to pick up women and never put any of those ideas or techniques to good use? Most of the time it has to do with the reality that most guys are not really out there to become a pick up artist. If you want to get better with women, if you want to get more opportunities to date women, but you do not want to go and ‘pick up’ any women, keep reading.

My first kiss was when i was 13, it was kind of embarrassing && was me, my b/f, && one of our friends Brittney just hanging out after skool one day[[it was the first time we've ever hung out when we were going out]] && Brittney was trying to make us kiss so it was really she locked us in my room, we just sat in there for like an hour talking alittle bit every once && a while, he said he wanted to kiss me but he was to scared. So finally we agreed to do it, the first time we went in we both turned our heads the same way so it was weird, but the second time it was all fine, but he went to give me tongue && ii just went for a peck since it was my first kiss, so it was really weird, but the third time it was just fine...but still awkward. - Amber, 14, MN

Truth is, the best way to pick up women or get dates with women… is to not even look like that is what you are trying to do. See, when most men try their hand at the pick up game… they find that it just does not come out right, they feel weird about it, or they get negative reactions. However, making just a few little tweaks here and there, you can start attracting women very easily and get dates without having to use any obvious routines.