"I love you babe"

Alright so last year, my 7th grade year, I was dating a boy named Blake. He was just about the same size as me and he was the perfect kissing level :). Anyways, it was October the 29th when we kissed. We were walking outside of school like any other day then he hugs me and pulls me and kisses me, it was just a peck though nothing major. -- this wasn't my REAL first kiss though. My real first kiss was just the other day(Tuesday, September 15th).

I am now dating a boy named Jordan. He's about 5'3 or so and i'm only 4'11 haha :P. So after school I walked up to him at his locker and we're just talking. Then he hugs me and I stood on my tippy-toes because I was pretty sure he was gonna kiss me(; He's not the patient kind of guy haha.

He hugs me realllyyy tight, pulls me away some, pulls my face back in. Then before you know it, we kissed. And no way was it a peck, It wasn't a closed kiss either! IT was open mouth. Then He pulls back and goes "i love you babe" (: It was AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOU JORDAN!!! - Ashlee, 13, KY
hi im cherise and my first kiss happened about three weeks ago august 13 2009. I really liked this guy and he always told me he wanted to kiss me but we never really had the chance to do it.

So one day when my mom wasnt home we saw each other and we were talking a little i wasnt really looking for him to kiss me but he was like "cant you hug me" and i was like "u should hug me" and he grabbed me and we were hugging for good while then he just started kissing me his lips were so warm it was beautiful and it was night while i was in his car i was shocked because i didnt expect it but i never stopped thinking about it it will be a night ill never forget. - Cherise, Jamaica
I had kissed a few other guys in my time but I never really got my first " Real Tongue Kiss " `till summer of 08 * .
Know everything that she likes and dislikes and you will be better placed in relating with her.
I didnt think the kiss was going to be special because I didn't really like the person . Soo everyday he would tell me that he likes me && that he wanted a kiss && I would usually say the casual No because I didn't feel the same. Until one day that he was begging soo much that I actually just did it, I was actually in the moment && that day I felt like I really wanted to kiss him, soo I just did .
We were in this dark ally, We made out for like 1min. I actually felt sparks && that's when I knew I was hucked. But then, since we lived really far from one another, I knew I wouldn't be seeing a lot of him.
I was really scared though, because I never put my tongue in someone's mouth before but it was really good ! It felt amazing .1 week ago we made a year of not seeing each other. - Anonymous, 14, U.S.