The tradition of kissing

The tradition of kissing underneath the mistletoe has been around for millennia. However, our modern day version has its roots in the more puritanical Victorian era, where we all had to be prim and proper. The one time a year that you could expect a kiss from a suitor was at this time under the mistletoe. And as tradition goes, the two are obliged to kiss and having kissed the gentleman takes a berry from the twig. Once all the berries are gone, all the opportunity has left with it. No berries, no kisses.

My first and best kiss ever was one nite @ my friends house. i was having a sleepover w/her, and her brother (the guy i like since 4ev) was having one w/his friend. we all stayed up l8 watching movies and playing xbox. me + my friends brother stayed up latest and afterwards, we went and laid on top of our sleeping bags. he kissed me + it was so sweet and exciting. this happened on friday july 13th 2008. - ashley, 13, Minnesota

My first kiss wasn't like anything I had ever dreamed of. I mean sure...when I think kiss I think romance fireworks everywhere.

But I had no idea it would feel this good. Ok so, I had a boyfriend who's name I am restricting but he was HOT. I am talking serious torso and everything. Not that I care because I am not one of those shallow girls who just look for looks...not that its bad to be good looking. ANYWAYS. We were at this park and all my friends were there and all his were there...including my ex. He was moving to dallas the next month so we both knew we had to kiss eventually. When we were alone a.k.a
my friends on the OTHER side of the park but us being still in plain view he simply asked " it ok if I kiss you now?" I laughed and said "sure thing." I didn't actually think that it was going to happen but when it did wow. At first he just kissed me, no tounges at all but then we got more passionate and I felt his tounge on my lips so i naturally opened my mouth. Meanwhile my friends were spazzing and screaming. We took a break and hugged instead and then we were at it again. When we finished, he picked up my hand and kissed it and whispered I love you. He's moved but I still miss him a lot :) - anonymous, 13, New York

Well , me and my friends , phoebe jack and gabe , were going camping , for the weekend , and it was gonna take 4 hours to get there , we were so bored , we started to play dares in the back of the car....It turned into , KISSING !! but , i hadnt kissed Anyone before , and was feeling wierd ....Then it was my turn , i had to kiss gabe so , he leaned over , and wispered , dont worry im nervous too, then Phoebe said : Go ! we had to kiss with toungue !

When it started i was feeling wierd , but after a while i got used to it Then , when we got there GABE asked me out ! i had a the BIGGEST CRUSH ever on his brother osh though !! i felt wierd.....but said yes then he kept on kissing me like every moment , his brother saw , and said , GABE man , thatsnot fair ! , and wnet off with his amtes , i said to gabe , what he meen ? gabe sed , oh he was gonna sk you out lol !!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH i was soo annoyed !!! now im going out with a boy called JOSH tho, an hes the best boyfriend EVER - anonymous, 10, London

I was 12 back then . i was in this camp in out of country with a lot of ppl from my school and some ppl from other countries. anyways. it all happened on a night while i was in the fronnt yard of a ping pong cape with luke.. we were together for like.. 2 days ago, but for it was my first kiss, i didn't wanna try it.,so after some days, he convinced me. we were laying in the grass, looking at the starts, when he put his elbow on the grass so his head would stand properly. i could see his brown eyes staring at me.

Then he started leaning and leaning..and i taught "wel..that's it.. i have to try, so i'll know what is it like" he leaned closer, i closed my eyes. and then he kissed me...the most amazing kiss ever. at first it was mouth closed kiss, but then it turned into a french kiss. i can say i loved him for an year after that..tho we weren't together anymore..but for far as i know, until now, that's the best summer i've ever had. summer of '07. back at the ping pong back yard.. the weirdest romance story ppl from my school say they've ever seen - anonymous

Mistletoe, having the blessing of the Nordic goddess Frigg, was made a symbol of peace. And because of its unique display of greenery in the midst of winter there are numerous myths of its ability to make women fertile.