DO NOT!!!!!!!

Here are a few more examples of good first text messages:
“what r u up to crazyface?”
“What has a bottom at the top? -[your name]” (the answer to this one is “your legs, silly!”)
All of these are interesting enough that she’s going to want to text you back. So far, so good.
She might text you back something like “who is this?”, but don’t lose your cool. Just keep the flirty texts coming, and send her something sassy like…

“Your arch-enemy of course…”

DO NOT just tell her “It’s [your name] from [the place you met],” because that is what EVERY OTHER GUY will do. Spike her curiosity and get her to actually want to figure out who you are before you tell her that.

By the way, if you want to read more examples of REAL text conversations and learn the proper mindset to attract women with your text messages, there is a LOT more where this came from in The TXT Book.

Hi my name is Carly i live in Kansas so here is my first kiss story! Ok! so theres this dude his name is tyler he goes to my church...he is sooooooooooooo hot and like outgoing but ive never actually talked to him or anything cause i never know what to say. So i always thought he was like 15 which is like kinda old for me but whatever.... so like one day i was at church and he walks by me and sorta smiles at me so i smile back.

After the service i am by the water fountain in the entrance of the church and there is no one there cause its like 30 minutes after the service and everyone left so im sitting there waiting for my mom to get out of the bathroom alll alone so then i see Tyler walking alone toward me.So then i start totally freaking out cause i have no earthly idea why he is freakin walking to me so i just try to stay calm and all so he comes and sits RIGHT next to me and is like hi im tyler and he smiles so im like hey im carly how old r u and he is like 13 and im totally freaking out cause im 13 then he gets quiet and is like can i tell u somethin.....and im like he is like ok well this may seem weird but i like u...alot..i think we r meant to be together.....

Then he gets down on one knee and is like will you go out with me ( i know hard to believe but its soooo true!) so im like um then i like spill the beans and im like well ive loved you for about 2 years then he starts like freaking out in a good way and is like.......can i kiss you? So im like OMGGGGGGGOSHH! totally! so he like grabbed my hands and BAM! there we go...he said he loved it...i loved it more way now we have been dating for about 8 months and cant be more happier :) - Carly, Kansas