The Pick Up- Sending the first text

Sending the first text can be a nerve wracking experience for many guys. Often spending hours of thought and deliberation trying to formulate the perfect choice of words to kick off their new text romance. After all that time and thought the results are usually something brilliant like:

“Hey what’s up?”

“Hey cutie, it was nice meeting you last night. Want to hang out tonight?”

“How is your day going?”

“What are you up to?”

“Do you remember me? – {your name}”

“Hey it’s {name} from the bar/party/club last night. What’s up?”

These types of text or typical, boring and she is likely to have received the exact same text from countless other guys who may be pursuing her. Instead of making yourself distinctive you have put yourself in the same mundane/uninteresting category as every other guy.

On top of failing to produce any positive emotional reactions in her they also destroy any of the initial attraction that you built up when she first gave you her number.

My first kiss was with my boyfriend of several months. I had been wanting him to kiss me for a while, but he didn't want to move to fast. One night I was at his house watching a movie with him and some of his friends. They ended up all going home and we were left alone. In the middle of the movie a massive thunderstorm had started, and it was still raining at this point.

I love thunderstorms and we went out on his deck to watch it. We were talking when all of the sudden he stopped and was just looking into my eyes. I knew at this point what he was thinking, neither of us had to say anything. We were both pretty wet, but we finally kissed for maybe 5 seconds, it was absolutely perfect! We stayed out in the rain for a while talking, and then went back inside to watch tv; we kissed again before I left that night. - anonymous, 16, Iowa

Contrary to most first kiss stories, my first kiss was neither memorable nor amazing. It happened during my 6th grade year, however old that would have made me, and it was simply awkward. What else could be expected from such an age? I didn't love the guy, but ironically I'm currently seeing him [An entire six years later]. The story goes that we had been "going out" for a couple of months when we both attended a friend's birthday party.

And what game other than Spin the Bottle would be played at a 6th grade party? Of course the bottle mysteriously only landed on him when I spun it, go figure. It was a very awkward peck on the lips. Of course later during our three-year relationship we moved on to more intensive making out, but trust me on this, kissing only gets better as you get older and more experienced. We both enjoy it much more now ;) - Violet, 18, Georgia