How To Flirt over Text Messages

How To Flirt over Text Messages

It’s important when you’re learning how to text girls that you steer clear of the normal, “boring” text messages. If you’re texting a very beautiful girl, she is probably ALREADY getting texts from normal, needy guys, so we have to stand out.

So… what SHOULD you text her?
Text her something fun, flirty, and playful.

One great way to make your texts stand out is to use a nickname.
Here’s an example of a BAD first text message:
“Hey, how is your day going?”
Yuck! If you send this text the day after you meet a girl, you will almost certainly end up in the “lame/boring” category in her mind.

Here’s an example of how to fix that last text… This is an example of a GOOD text message:

“hey crackerpants! Just what kinda trouble are you getting into today!?”
Why does this text work so much better? How can you learn to text every girl something effective like these messages?

Here how it goes...
I always dreamed of my perfect first kiss. We would sit in the park and he would kiss me like no one did before. But I knew that the reality was different.
I liked this boy for about two weeks. We hung out every day, but at that time he had a girlfriend. So all I could do is wait for him to break up with her or to find someone else. But his girlfriend was from another town and he could only see her during the holidays. Soon he broke up with her because he wanted to be with me. And that night he kissed me.

It wasn't a long kiss, just a short kiss on my lips for "saying goodbye". I was so happy, and next evening I had my first French kiss with him. It was amazing!!! I was a bit nervous, well actually very nervous because i never kissed any boy before. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. I want to say: if any girl is scared of her first kiss, don't be, I was scared and now I know that it was stupid. Just relax:) - 14, Serbia

So I'm 17 years old, and until today, I'd never kissed a girl before. So today, it was lunch time at school, and I was hanging out with my friend, who I'd known for about a year. We were laughing and talking and dancing and generally carrying on. We had hugged a couple of times that day, and as we dipped (dance move where she leans down over my arm), the 5-minute bell rang to warn us to get to class.

We started to walk together, but I suddenly remembered I'd left my backpack in the lunch room. We went back to get it (I had to ask her to come with me) and a janitor helped us find it (they had moved it to the front of the commons). She was about to go to gym class, and I to a psych class, so I was about to say good-bye for that day. But then she turned to me and said, "Come here." She opened her arms wide for a hug, and I recieved her, but then she pulled me into a kiss. It lasted about 5 seconds, and felt really good.

When we pulled apart, I asked her loudly, "Why did you just kiss me?!" I was taken completely off guard. She asked me flirtingly, "Why do you think?" Bemused and stunned, I said "I don't know," as in I didn't have the foggiest. She answered "When a girl kisses a guy, what do you think she's asking?" I finally got it. "Are you asking me out?" She smiled, nodded, and muttered sarcastically, yet sincerely, "Yes." - anonymous, 17