Effective way to communicate

Another effective way to communicate emotion and tone is through emoticons. You can spell them out in parenthesis, i.e. :) becomes (smiley face). Any variation of these can be used. By using them your can portray feelings of playfulness & sympathy, or simply let her know that you are in a good mood. Even an overly cocky statement can seem less so when using emoticons.

Until you begin to form a solid emotional connection with her the lighthearted and fun aspects of your personality should constantly be on display.

Your text conversations must keep with the easy going and laid back theme that you have already established.

Hi, I'm Frances and I live in the North-East of England. My first kiss was on June 22nd- when I was exactly 12 2/3. it was about ten past midnight and me and my friends were on a Scout Camp. We were playing spin the bottle (obviously!) with two boys and to make it better. We played it in stages... hug, kiss on the cheek, kiss on the other cheek (of the other person- to make it different), kiss on the lips, hug and kiss on the lips, snog for 10 seconds, snog for 20 seconds. The bottle kept landing on me and this guy so we ended up just about to snog! It was ok though because a) I just thought it was a kiss on the lips but for longer b)

I knew him and we were really good friends So my friends turned off the light in the tent and he came towards me- I put my arms around him because it seemed the natural thing to do and he stuck his tounge in my mouth!!!! Then they turned on the light again. I was in shock so I reeled back and wiped my mouth... I think I may have shouted that it tasted of fish! But they all said that it wasn't 10 seconds so we had to do it again! Then the light came back on and I just hid behind my friends back for a while! So, there you have it! The glamourous story of my first kiss. - Frances, 12, England

Hi, my name is Thomi Rose. I've had a few boyfriends but never kissed any of the except the last two. My first kiss isn't what I consider it to be. My ex kissed me and it shocked me. After than we never really kissed. But what i would consder to be my first kiss was truly extraordinary!(two first kisses for two types) I had just started dating Cody(October 19,2006) after knowing him less than a month. About 10days after declaring we were together (October 29, 2006), we were standing in my front yard waiting for his mom to pick him up. We were having a deep conversation about broken trust and how i have a hard time trusting guys because of a past relationship. But that's not the only thing i was thinking about.

I wanted him to kiss me but i was too shy to do or say anything about it. And i just loved the way he was looking at me.His mom pulled up so he had to leave, but before he got in the van, he asked:can i kiss you? i said yes because something in my mind and heart told me i could let my guard down and let him know me. it was gentle and sweet. It lasted only about 3 seconds but it sent chills down my back. then he said bye and gave me another quick kiss. My second 'first kiss' from him was April 24, 2007. It was the first day that I told him that I truly honestly loved him. He had been waiting to hear that for so long. It was after school one day and he walked me to my car before he had to go to football practice.

I was telling him bye and him to me when he just went for it. it caught me off guard but i had been wanting him to do it for a while. When he pulled away after about 5seconds i smiled at him and told him that i loved him. He gave me a big smile and hugged me. He had been waiting to hear those 3 words for so long because he had said he loved me since we had been together. We are still together after 1yr and 8months and happy! && his kisses are still AmaZINg!!!* We plan to get married a few years from now ...which isn't soon enough for me, but when it happens it will be AMAZING!! - Thomi Rose, 18 yrs, California