Mistletoe kissing

Mistletoe kissing was a Scandinavian tradition that when two found themselves beneath mistletoe, they should either kiss and make-up or at the very least drop all quarrel and rest their dispute until next morning.

I don’t really count my technical first kiss as a ‘real’ kiss, just because it was staged. But it’s an interesting story and it was still pretty amazing
I had been picked to play Jasmine in my school’s all-school play (which is pretty huge, especially for me because just the year before I was only in the choir). I was 12 and in 7th grade. The guy who played Aladdin was one of my good friends, Jake, who was in 8th grade.

He also happened to be my best friend’s girlfriend (yeah, I know, confusing and awkward).
So anyway, it was the day before or dress rehearsal and 2 days before opening night. The director called Jake and I into the small music room to talk to us privately. He had told us earlier in the year that he was thinking about making Aladdin and Jasmine kiss after a Whole New World.

Somehow other people found out and teased us about it. He was really sweet about it and stood up for me.
But anywayys….

This time our director wanted us to practice the kiss. I was pretty nervous. He went back into the theatre with the rest of the cast and the school secretary came in. She got out the CD player and changed it to the end of a Whole New World. We kneeled down like we were onstage, and after a few lines, he took my hands. We looked at each other and sang the rest of the song.

I closed my eyes, but got scared when his lips touched mine, so I pulled back. We tried it a few more times before I got over my nerves, and when we actually did it, it lasted only a few seconds. I was kind of in shock afterwards
I walked back into the theater and told my sister about it (at the time she was in 5th grade). But she didn’t really care, so I just went on with rehearsals like normal.
On opening night, right after intermission, I remember being backstage and telling him I was really nervous, and he said he was too. I will never forget how sweet he was and how he comforted me. We agreed to just make it a kiss on the cheek.
So the song came and we sang it just like we had done for weeks. At the last few lines, we looked at each other, held hands and I nodded very slightly so he could see it, but the audience couldn’t. Then we sang the last line and he kissed me on the lips! It was amazing (and I know that sounds bad being that he was my best friend’s BF, but it was :] ). The rest of the cast was kind of amazed.

I remember seeing the kids in front of us stop what they were doing to watch us (we were on a raised platform about 7 feet high)
After that, he didn’t really talk to me any more, I guess cause it was awkward for him. He left that year for high school and we weren’t really on good terms. It’s been 2 years and I haven’t talked to him at all. My best friend broke up with him that summer (for other reasons) but we are still close.
Girls, NEVER LET A GUY COME BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS. My BFF and I handled it well, and I am so thankful. True friendship means WAY more than any crush/kiss/BF or whatever. - Loren, 14, Cincinnati

My first kiss was one that seemed like something out of a movie "besides the fact it took place when i was almost twenty, I know I am a really late bloomer", the only thing different about it was that I didn't initiate it, it all just sort of happened.

I was talking to this girl who I knew when i was a lot younger and we hadn't really seen each other in like a good 14 years i want to say and our parents kind of pushed each other to hang out. So we hung out like a couple times and all but nothing serious mostly just stopping in and saying hi if we were around. then one night she invited me over for dinner with her family,after dinner She wanted to go to the beach so me being a swell guy that I am was more than willing to go. This is the part that seems all unreal now, we walk onto the beach and just talk about the stars and how beautiful and big the moon looks and we each say a couple of jokes then she asks me if I was cold and if I wanted to go and me being the experienced idiot I am said yeah and couldn't take a hint.

So I start to walk back with her off the beach and then out of no where she Grabs my hand and says"wait" and then we embrace and begin to kiss under the moon light and stars it felt like it lasted for an eternity. Then she asked me if I liked it and if I wanted to do it again and I said sure why not and we happened to kiss again for a good 2 minutes. then we said good night i drove her home and well the rest has yet to come. - Andy, 19, New Jersey