The Pick Up ...!

There are three essential elements that go into your first text message to make it set you apart and make her eager to text you back. Here are the components that every first text message needs to make it effective:

1. It needs to set a fun, playful tone for future interactions

2. It needs to engage her emotions, causing her to re-affirm her attraction to you

3. It needs to compel her to respond

If all these things can be accomplished in your first text you are practically guaranteed a positive response. She will also be much more enthusiastic about moving forward with you.

Next we explore how each element works & how to include them in your first text.

My first kiss was on a field trip! Me and my bf went on a field trip to the capital and we were going to go to the top! I hate heights so i was freaking out! So we were climbing up the stairs and he was in front of me! And i saw his gr8 butt. Then when we stopped for a break he let me go in front of him and so i was getting really nervous and dizzy and we r finally at the top! I stay closest to the building as i walk around he i tell him that i dont feel very good and so he holds on to me.

And right as the teacher comes i pass out. So my bf says ill take her inside and so him and his friend bring me inside and gets me water.

I was laying down with my head on his lap and i wake up freaking out saying where am i and i wouldnt stop saying that and so he calms me down while everybody else is still outside looking at the river. he tells me where we r and he says that i passed out and that he knows something that can make me feel better. im still laying down. and he kisses me! I was so happy and feeling much better! It was like a spiderman kiss upside down. i was sooooo happy! - Ashley, 14, MO

My first kiss was a surprise. Me and this guy on my bus was a bad boy and i loved that about him. One day i get on the bus and sit with as usual and he says want to play Principal and student and i said sure! well he was saying stuff like can i see u in my office. U have a dentention.etc. so finally were at the school and the bell rings and he leans over and says u have been very naughty and i turn to him and he kisses me. I was in heaven.i have liked him 4 so long and finally he kisses me! but we never went out b/c he was tooo old for me! I was 12 and he was 17! - anonymous