Forget everything you’ve heard about 3-day or any other kind of rules about how long you should wait to make first contact.

The longer you wait, the larger the opportunity for the memory of her attraction to you to fade and larger the chance or her meeting someone else. Strike while the iron is hot.

You should be sending your first text message within hours of getting her number or at the very most the next day.

There is nothing to be gained from setting a serious tone when texting a girl you’ve just met. If possible, conversations of a serious nature should be done in person or at the very least, during a live phone conversation and definitely only after you have already built a connection with her.

Misinterpreting feelings and tone is far too easy when text messaging.

So i was madly in love with this boy named kyle. i was hanging out with a few mates in town and he came up to me... and said " hey, theres some bands playing in town tonight, wanna come? " and i look at my friends and said " uhh, sure ! " he hugs everyone, all the time so he gave me a hug. ( he gives the best hugs ever ♥ ) and walked off. later that night, me and my friends where standing outside talking and kyle comes up to me and casually said " hey " he hugged me from behind and whisperd " your gorgeous " i blushed, turned around and said thanks. my friends giggled and went inside, and left me and george alone.

He then said, lets go inside and he took my hand and walked me inside. later on im the night me and my friends decided to go get some dinner and then crash at my house, it started raining about 20mins before we left, i was standing outside cold and wet and he came over to me, hugged me and made me all warm and then without looking for saying anything to me he kissed me, it was soo perfect and sweet. i would never imagine my first kiss being in the rain. btw, he was 13, i was 12. (: - Jaz, 13 Years, New Zealand.

My 1st kiss was with a boy who wasn't very mature(considering the fact he was a whole year & a few months younger than me{with me being n 7th grade @ the time and him n 6th}) but he was nice. But anyways we had jus started going out dat day but it wasn't like I was being fast with the realtionship because we had known eachother 4 a year and a half and we would always flirt and talk it was spirit week and we were having a basketball/volleyball tournament and I told my bff that I was starting 2 like him n he still liked me so we started going out and he wanted 2 walk me 2 my grandmas house after skool so I let him it was only a few blocks.

So we were walking and talking and he said "Can I hav a kiss?" and I said "IDK" so then I saw my lil cousins walking 4rm the store and I couldn't kiss him then cuz they saw me. But then I told him I can't kiss him but I could giv him a hug and he looked disappointed. So then I gave him a hug and he looked me n the eyes and gave me a sweet peck on the lips. IT WAS SO GOOD I COULDN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING I JUS WALKED AWAY
NOT SAYING A WORD OR SHOWING ANY EXPRESSION! We stayed 2gether 4 a few weeks then I dropped him. We don't talk anymore. - Marissa, Portland, OR