The Pick Up- Just follow

Just follow these three guidelines of an effective first text:

It needs to set a fun, playful tone (so that proper text message flirting can ensue)
It needs to engage her emotions (so that she becomes even more interested)
It needs to compel her to respond (so that she will text you back every time!)

if you ever wonder why she didn’t text you back, it’s probably because you didn’t follow these three rules.
When Should You Text Her After You Get Her Number?

“How soon should I text her” is one of the most common questions that guys have about this stuff.

Instead of waiting three days, one day, whatever — just text her as soon as you get her number. And if you’re hanging out with your friends in a cool place, you don’t have to stop everything — just text her the next morning after you meet her.

She was ma 1st gf..n i..her 1st bf. v both r of 16. a day i din't informd ma parents dat m going to meet her, cuz they were nt knowing about us(they a bit dint liked her.) was raining. she was at 1 of our frnd'z place. i went there too, other frnds were there too. n they all r vry nice, they left us alone. v were having some realy sweet sweet talks...but then only..

all got messd cel phone rang and mom cald me home..dis was nt enough so she got upset..n ran upstairs. i walkd behind her..n it was raining so she dint go to the terris, i stud in front of her. she said..'u go,y r u standin hear? n stay away i'll nt talk to u..u go'.. then i got closer...she said the same to stay away..thn i movd more closer..n this repeated untill our faces were just few inches away n i took ma hands around her waist. then she turnd her face to left n i kissd her right cheek..n i all ok nw..she said no..n turnd her face to right n i kissd her left cheek..then she smiled i litle n looked into ma eyes with loads of love..n draged her hand in ma hairs..n v closd our eyes leeeend towardz each other..n.......all silent for few seconds..
i felt like m made of eye balls were burning with pleasure..n ma lips were like a factory of energy.. felt
gr8..lovely.. - neo, 16, NY

Okay so i was hangin out wit my boyfriend cameron n he was skateboardin. I'm not really into the whole skateboarding thing but i was there for him :) Anyway so i was textin my friend Linsie when Cameron rode up 2 me on his skateboard n kissed me!! It caught me off guard but it was absolutely wonderful! He later took me out 2 the pavilion out back n the sun was setting it was SOO romantic n he kissed me again! He tried 2 french me but i jerked back cuz i was nervous n we both started laughin n he goes "lets try this again." so we kissed again without the tounge n it was ahmazing!! - Anonymous, B*ville, Arkansas, 14