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Okay so when i was 13 i had my 1st kiss with this 15 year old guy named bobby. he was soooo cute! anyways it was in july of 2006. A friend of mine asked me to go to the lake with her, so i did, and i guess the real reason she asked me to go was becuse bobby wanted to meet me. he saw a picture of me and thought i was pretty cute. bobby brought along one of his friends... anyways....

We all hung out at the lake like all day! when the sun started going down we decided to leave, so jenna brought all the stuff back up to her moms car, and when i was about to leave he was al like hey wait, so i walked back to him and he took my face in both hands and VERY gently pulled my face to his! it was absolutly adorable. We never did kiss again, but i will always remember that. it was sooooooooo cute! - Sara, 15, Idaho

This story doesn't exactly have a happy ending. My life is very different from others, I was born in Toronto, Canada. But I've been living in Hong Kong for about 9 years. Just 2 years ago I moved to Canada. I'm still not very used to the different customs and stuff here. I really enjoyed my life in Hong Kong, but my parents wanted me to study here. So I moved. My life in Hong Kong was basically perfect, I've been there from kindergarten to Gr.6 .

My favourite years were Gr.5 and Gr.6. I always had a blast in that class. 6A. Never ever will I forget my awesome class. I had my best friends: Heidi, Carry, Angel, Nathan, Alan, Andy and many may more. Nathan was my crush, and I was his. We both knew we liked each other, but we were both very shy. So we never said anything to each other. As time went by, neither of us made a move. But there was one time where he was going to make his move: We all went to play volleyball in the park. And I had to leave early because i had swim practice after. So I told them I had to leave and I said my round of Byes. Just when I was about to leave, I saw my old friend Ann Marie. So I talked to her for awhile and she said she'll walk with me.

So I did. The next day at school, my friend Angel comes and tells me that if Ann Marie didn't walk with me, Nathan would've walked me home. At that moment I felt so much regret, and I just wanted to go back in time. Until the day that I had to leave for Toronto was here, and I never got to show Nathan that I do really like him. And so badly did I want to tell my parents that I wanted to stay, (Did I tell you guys he was going to the same high school as me just so it's the same one as me??HOW SWEET!!)

But i didn't know how to tell them, so I just left Hong Kong forever like that....This day right now at this moment Sunday, September 21st 2008 I have decided that in 2009 Summer, I'm going back to Hong Kong for a visit for my Buds. Nathan is in England right now, but he is also going to visit Hong Kong in the summer. So I am hopefully going to show him ny feelings for him. 2009 SUMMER BABY!!!
P.S. I LOVE YOU NATHAN, FOREVER & EVER<3 - Janet, Toronto, Canada