Some tips..

Some tips.

1. Keep it C&F, if you played this way the first time you met her, you'd surely want to keep gaming her the same way.
2. Use inside jokes from the first time you met. Something like: "Oh and do you remember when you almost dropped your glass when you saw me? - "Haha Liar, that never happened" -"God, how much had you drunk that night? You forgot that, it was pretty funny."
3. Depending on your goals with the girl, direct the convo the way you want. IF you want to know her more, to make her your girl, you can ask about things she likes, ask her opinion about something, and tease her while doing it. The convo topic vary if you only want to have sex with her, make out again, game her normally.
4. Have fun, the most important part is that BOTH of you have fun on Day2, be sure to do or ask anything you want, have fun, enjoy the time together.

Hope this helps!

Ok. so my first kiss happened at a school dance in 8th grade. I was dating this guy who was really cuite. and everyone knew that he was going to kiss me at the dance. I didn't know though. So, Jake and i were slow dancing. and then we looked into eachother's eyes, he pulled me in tighter and kissed me. it lasted about 4 seconds, i'm not even kidding. It was so romantic. and then after the dance, he was walking me out of the building, and suddenly he jerked me back and he pulled me down the hall and into a room and he kissed me agein and took my face in his handsand it just all started from there and we made out. it was so romantic. - Miranda, 14, Ohio

Hey first kiss was like un like any1 elses well I had ben going out for this boy and I invited him over to my house a bit and we stayd a wile and talk then took a walk around my neighboorhood so it was time for him to leav it was like 7 pm and my freind came running dwn the street saying dija kiss em !!?? I was like "no" (sadly) and I leand against my car and I said man! I wish he wud cum bak and kiss me like in the muvies (soooo) my stupid friend ran aftr him*by the way he walkd to my house lol* so she ran aftr him and said "hey! Cum bak to her house she wants u to kiss her!" so by then I was hiding in my house! So the door rang it was him and said "was it true?u wanna kiss me"? I was like "ppshhh nnooo" so he was likeook and he hugged me by again and we huggd 4 a while then our eyes met and he kissed me I felt like I was gunn a melt it was so awsome!!! - Ashley, FL

My first kiss was on Friday the 13th.. it was June 13, 2008. We had been dating for almost 6 months, doing the basics, holding hands, hugging, ect. The thing is, is that his dad doesnt want him having anything to do with me outside of school. We go to a private school, so our classes are very small. every friday our class gets together and goes to the movies or goes skating.

Last friday, we were at the movies watching the Incredible Hulk. we had been holding hands the whole movie and i had my head on his shoulder. in the end of the movie (right after the hulk won), i took my head off his shoulder, he looked over at me and asked if i was okay, and i just kissed him. it lasted for a good while, and it was the greatest feeling ever. after the kiss i just layed my head back on his shoulder and finished the movie. after the movie was over, i gave him a huge hug. And who says friday the 13th is an unlucky day... =] - anonymous, 14, OHIO

This wasn't my first kiss, but it was first one with an actual bf. So i was at the park with 3 of my friends messing around then they decided to call my bf and invite him to the park. It was national make out day or so we thought because of some stupid txt FWD thingie. My bf came they like left us alone and stuff but i was extremely nervous and could not bring myself to make out! At about 9:45 I had to leave to ride my bike home. Before i left I was like "don't i get a kiss goodbye" and me and my bf kissed innocently for like a milisecond. It was sweet and innocent and I can't wait unti l"m ready to make out. - anonymous