Women are relaxed, when they go on a date for first time....

In other words, women are relaxed, when they go on a date for first time.

And in most cases guys reason as if each girl would be their wife by all means.

It is easy to guess, that it creates some tension and puts pressure on you And, of course, there is nothing good in it.

I mean the tension which makes guys to shake nervously and tremble, and women feel some discomfort because guys behave as if a date was unpleasant for them.

My first kiss was last week at my church's youth group. My friend and I were playing Ultimate outside.
I'd thought I liked him since I met him, but he was my first real guy friend, I didn't know if I would act this way around any guy. He suddenly threw me a high throw and I jumped, catching it, but landing awkwardly on my ankle.
I couldn't get up on it, and he ran over, putting one hand behind my back and his other on my knee. I said, "Sorry, my ankle..." he cut me off saying..."Don't worry, it's all right." I began to say something else, but he put a finger to my lips. Quietly, he said, "No, I've got you." I relaxed a little, still in pain, and he picked me up. I was set on my good leg, and he still had an arm behind me. I was tearing up a bit and trying not to show him, looking at me feet.

He said, "You're beautiful when you're crying." He took his other hand and pulled my chin up. "Close your eyes." I did, with more tears in my eyes, though not from pain. He kissed me softly, just hesitating before we touched and as we kissed. My heart soared, and I put an arm around his neck, loving him more and more. We came apart, and he smiled. "I love you." I responded, crying, "I love you, too." He then picked me up, kissed me again, and this time I lingered even longer. I loving him, and he loving me! He carried me inside. He's such an amazing guy! We're now going out, and I know it will last long, maybe (hopefully) forever! - Lindsey, 15, Eastern Mass
It was on Rugby 7s weekend (i live in Hong Kong) and me and this guy stewie had been hanging out all day watching rugby and messin around (cos basically the focus of the weekend is not to watch rugby... its to get smashed off your face) ANYWAY... we went for dinner with some friends and it was totally obvius we had a thing cos we were hugging the ENTIRE time and holding hands and flirting etc.(we were sober by then) so his friends left after dinner (he payed for me :D) and we walked to this park in the middle of HK and sat in the middle of this huge field (it was raining btw and night so all the HK lights were on) and just talked.

We moved to a park bench and kissed eachothers cheeks and lips with mouths closed. Then we made out :) it was the cutest thing ever and we were there for like 30mins. Im glad my first kiss was so sweet. It was raining, in a park, at night with a sweet guy :D. - Hannah, 17
My first kiss was on Friday the 13th. It was kind of awkward.. My friends and I were walking home with a big group of boys. All the boys turned on a different street and my friends hid behind a stop sign, so me and my boyfriend of 2 months were left alone. He asked me if i wanted to kiss, and i said sure. He grabbed my neck and pecked my lips. The kiss lasted a half a second.

Nothing like I pictured. I really really like him, but i just didnt feel anything. I smiled then he said, "yeah, im kinda bad." so i walked back to my friends and about 5 minutes later he texted me and said that it was magical. - anonymous, 13, OH