Our Defintions of French Kissing

Our Defintions of French Kissing

A good and accurate definition of what is a French Kiss, would be:

A kiss in which one participant's tongue touches the partner's lips or tongue and usually enters his or her mouth. A French kiss can be a slow and/or passionate kiss which is usually considered intimate, romantic or erotic; a kiss typically reserved for lovers.
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An open-mouthed and erotic kiss, using your tongue as a mean to convey the sensuality and passion within you in addition to express, create or increase desire and pleasure in your partner.

In this last definition, you should note that a French Kiss is clearly, erotically and/or sexually oriented. It's a passionate kiss.
It’s also a means to:
- Express/convey something about yourself: your emotional state or even a part of your personality.
- Create or increase desire and pleasure for your partner as well as yourself.
And that your tongue will play a determinant role in this sensual but wordless dialogue with your lover.

This last point is very important too. A French Kiss allows a much better, broader expression of your feelings as well as a much more efficient way to create/increase desire and give/receive pleasure than a ‘normal‘ kiss. It is also an exchange. Both partners are active and actually doing something (other than joining their lips). There is the movement of the tongues and, with some skill (and after some reading), you can do a lot with your tongue…
Not all men can do it! Yes! Men do not like to talk a lot. And yes, you, men, are from another planet and your psychology is completely different from psychology of women! But, damn it, you are MEN! Be men till the end!
To conclude, we can say, to answer the question: « What is a French kiss? », that a French Kiss is definitively an erotic kiss. It can be described as the missing link between a ’normal’ kiss and (oral) sex. It expresses and conveys passion, desire, sensuality… And can also increase or create these emotions in your partner as much as in yourself.

These aspects will be discussed in more details in our Why French Kissing? Section.

Let’s note that, to avoid an overuse of the words ‘French kissing’ and the repetitiveness which would follow, we’ll use un-differentially ‘hot kissing’ and ‘tongue kissing’ as synonyms in all other articles and pages of this website. I hope you’ll understand. Still, keep in mind there’s indeed a difference (and implicit hierarchy) between these close concepts.