The French are very romantic

The French are very romantic. A guy may invite a woman not only to a dinner, but even to a breakfast. Paris is the city of love. Open air dates with a glass of an elite wine are very popular. Men here always pay for women at restaurants, bars or cafes and consider it their duty! Dear women, you get to choose. You may choose, with whom you would like to go out on a first date, but we all have one common thing: we are happy, when our beloved ones are next to us!
My first kiss was really hott!

Me and my boyfriend ,Michael, had only been dating for like 4 hours. We've totally known each other for like a year and were totally best friends but he was dating one of my friends so i couldnt date him, but we flirted alot.

Well, she cheated on him so they broke up and he kept askin me out but i kept sayin no cause she was my friend. Well finally on August 28, 2008 on our way to the clinton game he texted me and i said yes. well after they won the game he got excited and had his hands like ALL over me on the way home, then when we got to the field house we were talking on the stairs and he grabbed my butt and lifted me off the stairs while he kissed me!!! It was SO sweet! - anonymous

This is my first kiss story. it happend just yesterday, december 17 2008. i was at this spaghetti dinner at my school that was fundraising omney for the seniors who are going to rome. and i went and ate spaghetti. then there was this living nativity after that at seven, and i hope my boyfriend would be there.

we have been going out for a year but he didn't kiss me, i know it sounds weird. and so i ran between the ladies' locker room like 4 times. and sure enough by the eagle door (our schools mascot is the eagle), is my boyfriend. he had just gotten done with basketball practice. and i was talking to him and he said he had to go and im like, ' no please dont leave '.

And then he motioned for me to come near him and i hesitated then he put his arm around me and said, ' you dont want to hang out with me because im smelly? ' sarcastically though he said that. im like, ' no freaking way dude. i love you anyway '. then when one of our friends finishes talking to us he points up at the ceiling. he says, ' look a shiny light. ' i look up at the ceiling and as i look down he kisses me on the cheek. and then he tried to make me laugh, and i laugh way too easily sometimes. he said pudding, and i laughed.
I told him, ' dont make me laugh or i'll cry.' he just puts his arms around me and hugs me in the best way ever. and then 5 minutes later, he again points to the ceiling and says, ' look the light '. and this time i fall for it. i look up and then i look at him. then he just catches me off guard and he kissed me on the lips. and just today, december 18 2008, we were waiting for his basketball game to start and we were in the hallway. he had changed into his uniform.

We were by the library door talking. he tickles me and i poke his shoulder a few times. then he says, ' look the light went out'. and i look up and i look at the guest locker room door. then he leans over and kisses me again. im like, ' wow best day ever! ' and i plan on kissing him on new years and on the 23rd, our last day of school before christmas vacation. it is something i'll sure as heck never forget. - anonymous
A friend will play for a dinner at the end! That's the real friendship! The Chinese like lively companies. If a guy likes a girl, he will definitely invite her to go somewhere else. Chinese guys are very well-mannered and always see girls home.