If you spend several hours, having a usual conversation, not aiming to impress her, and showing that you have other things to do instead of thinking about your possible future relations, you will have more chances to succeed in relations with this woman. Otherwise, behaving nervously and simply silly, admiring her and considering her the dream of your life, you force her to run away from you.

Remember the main mistake of all guys, made of the first date: DO NOT BEHAVE AS IF A GIRL WILL DEFINITELY BE YOUR WIFE.

It would be better to relax. Make a joke; say that she spoils everything every time. Say she is a perfect friend. And she will surely want to change the “category of friends of yours” into another, more prestige “category”. For example, to become your girlfriend.

My first kiss was literally 6 days ago. Three days before Valentines day. I was over at my best guy friends house for the night.

It was the first time that my mom was trusting me over at his house alone. His dad was home, and me and Zach [my best friend] were downstairs playing Mario. We went and hung out for a while before we got tired and went up to his room. I laid on his bed and watched him while he played his drum set for a little while. After a while he came and we laid together.

We were cuddling and whispering things to each other. We've always said i loved you to each other, as friends. The sad part was, I had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend. Then the lights went out and he held on tight to me before he just leaned in and kissed me. It lasted about 5 seconds, but then I pushed him away because my mom called. After the lights came on, i went to go get my stuff on because my mom was on her way over to pick me up.

He came up behind me and held me for a while and then kissed me. It was really romantic. We got into a fight after that though. And then the next day, it happened again. In my bedroom. He said he was crazy about me and addicted to kissing me. He kissed me in front of his dad! And that's huge. Though now...things are awkward for us. - Mariah, 13

My first kiss was not like i expected it to be, but it was kinda cute. it happened about a week ago. i was sitting next to my crush. he was also kinda my friend so... yeah. anwyays my friends were teasing me around him, which made me nervous. he was talking to me and i LOVE how he makes eye contact when he talks to me, so we eye-locked. my friends were right behind me, seeing that i wasnt paying attention to them.

all i rember is, i felt someone PUSH me into him, and our lips met. we were both confused, but it lasted for about 3 seconds. then my friends were like OOOOOOOOH!!! and after we parted we were stairin at eachother in shock. after about 10 seconds, i staired at my friends, who were giggling. then i looked back at my crush and he was laughing. i was totally confused, but i didnt care. i laughed too, and he hugged me out of the blue. it was a day after my birthday, so i guess it was the BEST birthday gift in the world!! - Kristina, 12

I was going out with a girl and she cheated on me, I was friends with her best friend and we got closer (as friends) then one day we went out and I bought her a drink and we were flirting and we both could feel the chemistry but denied to acknowledge it. I walked her to her bus stop and we hugged and I said can I have a peck on the cheek for the drink I bought.
She leant in and I turned my head to face hers quickly and we both kissed, I looked into her eyes and we started to kiss for a long time, now we have been together for 2 years. =] - anonymous

Okay so it was with this guy who i had been going out with for 4 and a half months. We had done little pecks before but never had a real kiss with him. So i had a party one night and i invited him.

Nothing happend at the begining of the night just layed on my couch together and talked while i had my iPod playing. Well my mom rented a scary movie for us called dead silence (which, for the record, was not scary at all) All night we were looking forward to the movie cause we knew what would happen. So after we ate i was like "Come on guys lets go watch the movie!" and he was like yeah! so we all ran upstairs. When the movie first started, the lights were out and he had his arm around me.

But we realized my mom was standing behind us so we were like crap. Every once in a while i would glance back so i think she got the message and left about ten minutes into the movie. We said finally and we really cuddled. He had one arm wrapped around me and i had my arms around him and every once in a while we hold hands or he would rub my leg or id rub his back. So at one point he turned towards me and said "i love you" and i told him i loved him too.

I was suprised cause he never had said it to me in person..
so we both leaned in and started close-mouthed kissin and after like five seconds we started makinng out and that lasted for like forty five. it was a lot longer then it sounds. we stopped cause we heard giggling and realized we had everyone staring at us. i got up, and went to the bathroom and when i came back he was stretched out across the couch and i said "were am i supposed to sit?" and he pointed to him self. So i layed on top of him and just layed my head on his chest for a while untill we kissed again but it only lasted for fifteen seconds cause his parents called. It was still really nice and was the best party EVER! - anonymous, 12