What You must now know

What You must now know
You must feel comfortable with the idea of French kissing a boy/man or French kissing a girl/woman.
You now know that you’ll need to tongue-kiss your partner. It may be a little messy at first. So, if this isn’t a prospect you’re excited about or if it’s a vision that seems kind of gross to you, it’s likely you’re not ready for it (yet). When to French kiss - French kissing - Tongue kissing - Hot kissing when you're ready.
Nevertheless, let me tell you that there is nothing vulgar nor disgusting about tongue kissing the person you feel attraction for. It’s simply natural… And pleasurable.

It may seem a little bit overwhelming before or at first but if you follow our advices, listen to our tips and learn the French kissing techniques and methods we explain to you, you’ll be prepared and ready before to try to French Kiss someone.
Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately), male part of humanity would hardly master such seduction technique.
You could, if you’re hesitant about French kissing someone, simply apprehend it because it’s something new and you‘re not sure you‘ll be able to ‘perform‘ it well. Just make sure you don’t try to find excuses to don’t have a go at tongue kissing. It would be a shame since you (as well as your lover) will most likely find it arousing and enjoyable.
But, as pleasure and tastes are above all personal, this is your choice and yours only.
It is known that some women need just to snap their fingers to win the heart of men.
As much as sections like What is a French Kiss and When to French Kiss are really interesting and important ones to develop your overall ‘hot kissing knowledge’, you probably and initially came on this website essentially to learn how to French kiss girls or how to tongue kiss guys.
Still, I stress out the fact that reading them is necessary if you really want to feel and understand the nature and implications of a French Kiss.

So, here comes the ‘plat de resistance’ (main course). The place you‘ll learn great tongue kissing tips and techniques, the place you‘ll basically learn HOW TO FRENCH KISS girls and how tongue kissing guys good and properly.
The goal, for me in this section , will be to empower you with the best French kissing tips and techniques to help you create your own hot kissing style.
How to french kiss - how 2 tongue kiss - hot kissing tips and techniques
BUT tongue kissing or hot kissing aren't only about technique. To fully understand this fact you must always keep three words (and emotions) in mind:
Passion, Desire and Pleasure.

If you feel passion for your partner, even if it’s for a night, if your desire to French Kiss is real, if one of your goal is to give (and receive from) her/him pleasure by hot kissing her/him, then you’re already half way there. You’re among the few ones that actually understand French kissing as a concept, an idea of what a (sensual/hot) relationship should look and feel like.
But before to get to the heart of the matter (giving you invaluable tips on how to French Kiss a guy/girls), I’d like to ask you a couple of questions and give some quick answers.

- Are you scared she/he will think you can't tongue kiss?
You should, if not being scared, grant a lot of importance to your French kissing techniques.

- Do you really think they won’t compare the way you’re French kissing with others?
Sorry to disappoint you but… Sure they will.

- Or worse, are you worried that she/he may leave you for someone who knows what hot kissing means and how to tongue kiss good?
What do you think? That they don’t care? Or that they would tell you if you didn‘t French kiss them good enough?

As you can see, to know how to French kiss girls or how to French kiss a guy is very important. The future (and success) of your romantic/sexual life depends on it.
That’s one of the best reasons why you need to learn all you can on tongue kissing, hot kissing and gather as much info and French kissing tips, techniques and methods you can.
For more reasons and better understanding, visit our Why French kissing section.