Kissed me - HOW?

Im 13 im from georgia and i got my first kiss about a week ago with my boyfriend. he has a twin sister who is like myy bff so i go to her house alot. he (jordan) said he had liked me for a really long time and he asked me out. he was hott so of course i said yes. that was about a month ago. about a week ago was my birthday, he said he would get me something really special.
i went over to his house **to spend the night with his sis** and he told me to come to his room to see it. when i went up there he grabbed me and held me close, whispered in my ear and told me he loved me. i told him i loved him too. he spun me around and he stared at me for a second. then he kissed me!! it was wonderful!! no words can describe it. i know i love him... - anonymous, 13, Georgia
My first kiss was when i was 15 and it was magical!!! Me and A big group of my friends (about 10 people) were hanging out at one of the guys in the groups house, and his parents and older brother were out of town at a baseball tournament and we had the house to ouself.

So we were all watching a movie, and all the couples were sitting together and the only people who werent in a relationship were me and brandon,so we decided we would sit next to each other.

But everyone else that was there were making out and the movie was really he was like "uh wanna go some where else?" and i was like "yeah" so we snuck down the hall into his older brothers room and i sat down on the bed and he was checking out the room.
When i was like "oh my gosh its freezing in here" and he was like "here,have my jacket" i was lk "no im fine i'll just get under the covers" and he was like "haha i'll join you" and i was like "okay haha"! So me and the guy i've secretly liked since kindergarten are both laying in bed together!!!! And his hair was in his face so i leaned over stroked my fingers through his hair and he pulled me in closer so my head was laying on his chest.... And he was was playing with my hair then sat up and leaned in for the kiss and he pulled me in closer and we kissed and then kept on kissing until his best friend walked in on us totally making out and he was like alrigt!!! And walked out!! Haha now im eighteen and still are still going out with brandon!!! :) - Amy, Texas

My first kiss wasn't how i planed it. Me and my girlfriend went to kingsdom.for a school field trip we went on scooby doo haunted masion just before we hit the cam. we kiss bells started ringing angels started to sing.It lasted 2 sec. - Matt, 12, va

Ok me and my bf had been going out for about 2 months but we were in the 6th grade so we didn't actually really go out on dates yet. At the end of the school day we would hug goodbye by my locker because there was like no one there. About a week before he had started to kiss me on the cheek after we hugged.
Then on tuesday february 3 2009 I didn't feel him kiss my cheek and I looked up at him (we were still in each others arms) and we looked each other right in the eyes then he leaned down and kissed me. :D -"cutey", 12, it okay so me and this guy had been best friends for as long as we could remember (and we still are best friends!) plus i had always really liked him as more than a friend, but i never said anything because i didn't want to mess up our friendship if he didn't feel the same way.
we were hanging out at my house, and we were sitting on my bed and just talking, as usual.
i wasn't having an excellent day, so you could say i was kind of down. he wanted to cheer me up, so he started tickling me to make me laugh, which it did, but i also fell off the bed from laughing so hard, because i'm so ticklish! and i brought him down with me (because i was holding onto his arm) and he fell partially on top of me. it was sort of an awkward position, but we were laughing so hard it didn't really seem awkward. once we finally stopped laughing, he turned to look at me, and his face was inches from mine, and just stared deeply into my eyes for a moment, and kissed me. it was so amazing. i kissed him back, and eventually we were making out for what seemed like forever.
we both confessed how much we liked each other, and we are still together to this day. :] - Hollis, 14, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
She loves you. It is hard to find a woman who would truly love you and accept you as is. How can you identify her other than feel it? Firstly, a woman, who loves you, doesn’t try to change your nature. Secondly, pay attention to how she behaves to you in everyday life and how she reacts when she meets you. If there is inner fire in her eyes, she loves you!