Expressing love

My first kiss kind of sucked. So, there was this boy named Tyler at my school, and the only class we had together was 6th per. gym.

I got to know him pretty well over the 5 months we were in that class, and two days before school let out, we sort of asked each other out. It was awkward, and it didn't even seem like we were dating, haha, just better friends. We hugged a couple of times, and exchanged phone numbers, and then it was the last day of school!! We walked out of gym together, right after they announced it was SUMMER, and we were standing under this tree, and we hugged. Then, he pulled away, and leaned in and pecked me. God, it was so awkward. He said bye, and we turned around and walked different ways.

Haha, I saw my friend, Maddy, and I was like," Ew! Tyler just kissed me!" And she laughed and made fun of me. Then, I went to go tell my best friends, Lauren and Sophia, who totally freaked out. Yeah, I guess I don't really count it. People shouldn't date in Junior High anyways, that's my theory. - Maddie, Washinton, 13 (kiss at age 12)
To celebrate this wonderful day of expressing love, I’m sharing one of my favourite kissing scenes to write. It was a toss between the kiss in His Treasure and the one in A Valentine Challenge.
My first kiss was super romantic and sweet. I had been dating the guy a couple for a weeks and I was dying to kiss him. But I thought he didn't want to, so I pretty much gave up. One day after school, we went to house for the first time to hang out. But when we got there, he couldn't find his house key (he found the next day in the bottom of his backback :)

We went into the backyard and sat on a swing. I was freezing, so he sat a little closer. Slowly, without me really noticing, he edged closer and closer to me until his arm was around me. My heart was pounding like crazy, and my my mind went completely blank. I cuddled in closer and put my head on his collarbone (he smelled so sweet!) at this point neither of us was speaking.

I turned my head up a little bit at a time. And just when I was about to give up, he looked deep into my eyes. We both smiled and, at the same time, closed the 2 inches between us and kissed... The longest 10 seconds of my life, and the sweetest too. We kissed exactly 4 times, and then I said I had to go (my plan to keep him wanting more :P He said, "no, don't go" and tried to kiss me again, but I just touched his cheek and stood up. He walked my to where my parents picked me up. We dated for 8 months, and we went our own ways. But I will always remember that kiss... - Eva, Portland, OR