Start a conversation.

Start a conversation. You may skip it if you are terrified by the thought of starting a conversation with a stranger (a good-looking guy, no less). But if you skip this step, you are depriving yourself of a valuable screening tool.

What if this guy is a total weirdo? Or just too dull, too quiet, too loud, too macho, too meek, or just not your type? Besides, you're going to have to talk to him at some point, anyway. It's better to find out now that he has horrific breath, or that he can't stop talking about his mother or ex-girlfriend, rather than make the discovery on your first date, when your escape route will be a little narrower.

My First Kiss was in high school FRESHMEN year...I was 14 years old, i couldn't breathe with the kiss.We were in the gym watching a performance of drilling since i'm in a Military school. We were sitting together and then we both turned around and when we turned back all of a sudden our lips were touching each other. It almost took my breathe away and i jzt had to stop it because it was killing me..But other than that it was the best thing ever. - Yiovana, Chicago, IL.

My first kiss was so great! After reading some of the stories I knew I was ready. It was during spring break after a long day of my bf Chris teaching me how to skateboard. He lives right down the street and he had to go home for dinner. We were in my back yard and he was like I have to go....................................and I went in to hug him when BAM! I kissed him! It was awsome, we are still together (and I'm still NOT a good skateboarder!) - Brookelyn, 13, INDIANA

Close the deal.
Alright. Now it's time to get his phone number! If you had been successful is making a conversation with him, you can say something like, "You're fascinating! I like talking to you. Can I call you sometime?" You could even go a step forward and ask him out on a date instead. This is recommended only after you've actually talked with the man. You will want to make sure that his personality is as fascinating as his looks (and that he isn't a weirdo). Talking on the phone is one thing, but actually spending time together can be awkward, uncomfortable, and a waste of time if he is not the type of man you are looking for, so, yeah, scope him out first.

If you can't get a conversation going (like, if you are too nervous), then you must take the direct route. You are going to cut through the steps of saying hi, doing introductions, and talking about the weather, before asking him for his phone number. You are just going to ask him for him phone number. This might call for a pickup line. Yes, you will feel cheesy, and he might think so too, but if he's hot... It can't hurt to try, right? Just keep your request respectful. So, avoid saying anything questionable. Otherwise, you'll look like a fool and he'll refuse (or just brush you off). However, don't be put off if you can't think of something clever or funny. Even a lame pick up line can be endearing if you LOOK attractive and SMILE.

You can just say, "I like your shirt. Can I have your number?" or "Wow, what's a guy like you doing in a place like this. Can I have your number?" Yes, terrible pick up lines, but unless you haven't washed showered in days, they should work. The novelty of being picked up by a friendly, not-creepy woman is enough to make most men smile and reciprocate. Like I said, focus on your appearance. Wearing clean clothes, flossing your teeth, and getting enough sleep should keep you covered. If in doubt, you can try beautification with make up and fashion, but it's not absolutely necessary. Smiling, being friendly and staying on top of personal health and hygiene is all you need to always be prepared to pick up men.