For example...

Chances are you are not the only guy pursuing the girl(s) you are interested in. The ability to separate your self from the pack and make yourself known as her best choice is a must.

Almost any guy can get a girl’s phone number, the problem is that they completely forget (or had no idea in the first place) how to interact when it comes time to text her. It is important to, at each step, validate in her mind that the right choice is to move forward with you and not the next guy in line.

Though you are more than likely unaware of it, those 1-3 lines of text you are sending her are telling her a lot about the type of guy you are.

I got my first kiss 3 years ago. It was March 10, 2005 I was just 16. My boyfriend, who was also my classmate, decided not to attend graduation practice since we already know what do to. We went to the mall and started window shopping until i felt really sleepy.

I then suggested for him to get us a room since we can't do home yet because our parents didn't know about out relationship yet. By the time we got our room, I then decided to sleep. I didn't know what was going on with him that he doesn't want me to sleep. Instead, we curled together on the bed and started talking about things. Finally, he said "Ummm, my dad said i have to ask the question before i could do things to you." I replied ..

"SO? ... um .. " (but i was really thinking why need to ask? .. .) my boyfriend is somewhat the prim and proper kind and I was his first girlfriend. I said "SURE" ... I kissed him in a zap! He said "I was supposed to do that!" ... then i replied " Oh, Sorry ... You're so slow hon" ... Then he kissed me .. but this time it was slow and very passionate ... and one thing led to another ... but we never had sex... just until the boobs part .. haha ... temptation .. - JerseyGirl, 19, Philippines, CDO