How to Pick Up Men!

Who says you have to wait, batting your eyelashes and hoping that handsome guy will introduce himself? Take life by the horns and pick that man up! But what you should do is pick up the man you wanna snag the right way.

I mean, I know we have to go back to the 8th grade, but make sure he's single first. Now the worst place to pick up anyone guys/girls alike is at a bar. Because when you pick up someone at a bar you're only talking to the alcohol and not the real person. If you really have given up on meeting people the old fashion way you might want to refer to the electronic way and I'm not talking about facebook, and myspace is I'm talking about eHarmoney, and others. So like my mom always says "There is always that special person for the special someone, always."

We have been dating for 10 years now but we have never kissed before.I was 10 and she was 9 when we started dating.

I have never kissed and same applies to her.One day i was alone with her and after talking for a long time,we were both staring at each other.We both moved forward to kiss but were both to shy and we could not do it.Just yesterday 28th,March 2008,i was at work when she called me that her dad wont accept me because i attended a different church from hers.She was afraid she will loose me and i felt same too.We both wept and i asked for a day off.

When i came home,i called her so we find a solution to this,She came over and we talked for a while when we both she started crying,i told her that whatever should happen,i will certainly put a ring officially on her ring finger,she understood what i said and then stopped crying.

I held her head in my palm like a cup,moved in gently with my lips closed and tight,when i got to her lips my eyes were shut and hers too.Our lips touched and we gave a light opening as our tongues touched.I felt as if an something like an electric shock through me and she almost fell from my hands.She said she felt something strange through her.But we both like the passion we felt too so she moved in again and we kissed passionately than before for a quite longer now.We were full of passion and love.

She liked it and i liked it too.We kissed for a third and fourth time and the feeling was more anytime we kissed.When it was time to leave,she asked me to kiss her again,we kissed and this time it was a very long kiss with our tongues tangling in our tightly fixed mouth,the passion and love we both felt was too much and very enjoyable.After that she gave me a huge hug and i went to escort her home.We were both novices to the kissing job but had a very good kiss for the first time in our lives because we both did it at the right time and with someone we really love.

She is my first love and i am her first love too.After ten years of dating,i am 21 now and she is 20,we had our first kiss.Its an enjoyable and pleasurable moment we both will never forget in our live.We are still virgins.We are both writing this together.... - Samuel(21) and Vivian(20) from Ghana

Pick a good spot.
The good old bar scene isn't for everybody. Who says you can't meet the love of your life at a dog park, or a toy store? What about a museum, or an art gallery? Then there are spots that are notoriously saturated with testosterone: the gym, an Apple store, a political rally, a sports bar, or a grad school coffee shop (especially if the grad school is heavier on male enrollment, with programs in engineering, computer science, and business).