There is one last way.

There is one last way. Right before you leave, give him your contact info, and walk away. The "hit and run" approach is highly recommended.

It doesn't give him a chance to reject you on the spot, which makes things easier on you, obviously. It also gives him time to digest what just happened, which may not happen to him often. If you skipped the conversation step, or even if you didn't, you may want to give him only a personal e-mail address rather than a phone number, in case he turns out to be the creepy stalker type.

If he's been checking you out the whole time, be bold. Go up to him and ask, "So when are you gonna take me out?" or, "Here's my number, in case you want to take me out sometime."
Send him a note through the waiter. Ask the waiter to deliver it right after you leave. The note can say something like, "Why don't we hang out soon?" or, "How about coffee sometime?" or even a compliment, such as, "I like your hair."

I got my first kiss when I was 15. I was out with a really good guy friend of mine, and we were just starting to date. He's 17, but we're very, very close. He picked me up and we drove around for a while just talking and listening to music. Later we drove to a park and we just walked around and talked.

It was nice, and he didn't pressure me to do anything physical with him. Afterwards, he had to pick something up for his sister so we went to the library. The whole date was really enjoyable, just because it was so casual and involved a lot of talking. When he dropped me off at home, I gave him a hug in his car and then he just leaned in and kissed me! Definitely on my top memories list. - Anonymous, Arizona, 15

Tell the guy he's the spitting image of a college friend, or whatever. Ask if you can take a picture with him, because you've got to show your mom/friend/sister this "long lost twin".

After taking a picture with him (during which you should get close!), ask him if he has a MySpace or Facebook profile, so that you can link with him. Once you have his profile, you have a connection!