Flirt from a distance

Flirt from a distance. Make eye contact, smile, and look approachable. Make sure that your body language is open and that you look approachable. "More than 50 percent of all communication is done via body language and gestures," explains body-language expert Janine Driver says. A good way to open your body language is to lean on something. This closes you off and makes you look unapproachable.

When i was almost-14, i had been dating my [now ex]boyfriend for about, hm, a month or two. I know i know, first kiss after 2 months? i'm crazy. it was my first relationship, and, i must admit, i was nervous. anyway, it was almost christmas, and i wanted to do something special for my guy. so, with the help of my friend, i borrowed a little bit of mistletoe and snuck it into my house without my parents noticing. (they're a tad overprotective.) when i was in my room, i tied a little bow on it and wrapped it in a little box.

?The next day, when we were in school, my bf and i exchanged presents. i got a gorgeous bracelet, and i gave him a hoodie i bought at the local mall. then i whispered to him, "i left your other present in my locker. i'll give it to you later." that way he would be left thinking, and it wouldnt completely give away the fact that it was a kiss. so, when my best friend and i got back from band practice, i asked her to tell my bf to come out into the hallway. it wasnt that hard for him to get lit teacher is the best and my class was just talking about christmas break, blah blah blah. i was putting in my locker combo when he walked up to me.

I asked him if he was ready for his present..and of course he said yes. so i gave him the box, he unwrapped it, and then looked into my eyes with a look of surprise and, satisfaction. and we kissed. it was a little, soft, closed-mouth kiss that sent chills down my spine and left me shaking the whole rest of the day. we got back to the room (at separate times of course!) and both sat quietly until the final bell.

We said bye to each other and returned to our separate homerooms. later that night he texted me telling me he loved his present. about another month later he broke up with me because we were going to different high schools "and it would be hard". so he immediately hooked up with my (so i thought) best-ish friend. now me ex and i dont talk to each other. at all. the end (: - Anonymous, 14, NJ