The Pick Up Artist- effective way's

Another effective way to communicate emotion and tone is through emoticons. You can spell them out in parenthesis, i.e. :) becomes (smiley face). Any variation of these can be used. By using them your can portray feelings of playfulness & sympathy, or simply let her know that you are in a good mood. Even an overly cocky statement can seem less so when using emoticons.

My first kiss was amazing. ok my ex boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) and i were going for a walk one night. his family was there and we were walking his dogs. when we got back to my house, it was dark, and his parents left us to talk. so we were ust standing there and it was kindof akward because we were both thinking the same thing. then he was like, ''you know it is gonna happen sometime right?'' then i was like, ''yeeeaaaahhh i am just nervous!'' then he said' dnt worry itll go fine'! so he got so close to me and our forheads touched and we stared into eachothers eyes. then i kind of gave a nervous squeal ( dont ask) and he moved back. he was like, ''did i do something wrong?''

I was like' no i am just nervous".. then he was like, "ok do u even want to?" i was like' yea... i dnt know wat to do tho" so he kind of guided me through it. he had nver kissed anyone either, but he had seen it. so he put my arms around his neck, then he put his arms on my waist and pulled me veeerrrryyy close to him, i could feel his breath on my lips. then he moved in and our lips touched. then he pulled back and i blushed and smiled, so he moved in again and held me so close and passionatly, i didnt want to leave. then we got kind of used to it and we opened mouth, but no toungue. then he slowely moved his toungue into my mouth and french kissed me.

I didnt do anything with my tounge because i was nervous. but after we just hugged and i said, " i liked that alot, i am glad we did that!" then he was like, "me too we definatly should do that more" and he smiled. his mom called and said he had to go so he gave me a goodnight kiss and left. i was so happy i will never forget it. we did end up breaking up a few weeks later, but we are still best friends. - Kelli, 14