Have a Sense of Humor

Have a Sense of Humor
The exact opposite emotion we are trying to provoke is one of seriousness. It is common for a woman to build an attraction solely based on his sense of humor. Even if she initially doesn’t feel an attraction to you, a good sense of humor is so powerful it can make you seem completely irresistible and in turn, make her fall for you.
A sense of humor is consistently ranked as the most important attribute a man can possess. The reason is simple; Humor indicates that you don’t take yourself or the interaction too seriously

There is nothing as powerful as a good sense of humor to being a woman’s guard down and make her feel relaxed. When she is laughing she is comfortable and happy, and if you are the one making her laugh, she is going to associate you with those positive feelings.

When she is laughing she is no longer judging or evaluating you. You make her aware that you are fun to be around. Your sense of humor will also put you in a light-hearted mindset and make you take yourself less seriously.

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