Sending the first text

Sending the first text can be a nerve wracking experience for many guys. Often spending hours of thought and deliberation trying to formulate the perfect choice of words to kick off their new text romance. After all that time and thought the results are usually something brilliant like:

“Hey what’s up?”
“What are you up to?”
“Hey cutie, it was nice meeting you last night. Want to hang out tonight?”
“Hey it’s {name} from the bar/party/club last night. What’s up?”
“How is your day going?”
“Do you remember me? – {your name}”

On top of failing to produce any positive emotional reactions in her they also destroy any of the initial attraction that you built up when she first gave you her number.
These types of text or typical, boring and she is likely to have received the exact same text from countless other guys who may be pursuing her. Instead of making yourself distinctive you have put yourself in the same mundane/uninteresting category as every other guy.

For years I envisioned my perfect first kiss. I tried to imagine what it would be like when a boy's lips actually touched mine for the first time. In my fantasies though, it was always a mystery figure. Well, a week before my fourteenth birthday, my best friends threw me this amazing surprise party! Of course they invited my crush. We hung out all night. Then someone put on a really scary movie. Me and a few friends (including my crush) retreated into the corner to play truth or dare. One of them dared him to kiss me, and it was really awkward so after we just stared at each other for a while, she changed the dare to cheek. So he did. Anyway, the game kind of fell apart shortly after that. I started to stand up when I got a glimpse of the movie on the screen.

A guy shoved this live bird into his mouth. Usually stuff like that doesn't scare me, but it caught me really off guard and I screamed really loud. Me crush ran over and put his arms around me and just kind of held me for a few minutes. Well, then of course I just started screaming whenever something remotely scary happened in the movie so he would hug me.

After doing this a few times he decided it would be best to remove me from the movie so he took me to the wall on the other side of the room. Several friends followed us. We were talking when, despite his efforts, I saw a guy in the movie blow up while sitting on a toilet.

Of course, I screamed and he hugged me and took me to another corner of the room. We sat there holding each other for a while when all of a sudden, I saw him leaning in. I stopped thinking just about then. I didn't freak out or anything, it just seemed really natural. His lips pressed against mine for several seconds until he slowly pulled away when our friends followed again. I guess he didn't care because just a second later he kissed me again, while three classmates looked on. It was the most amazing first kiss I could ever ask for, and he asked me to be his girlfriend a week later (on my birthday)! - Anonymous, 14, CA