Engaging Her Emotions

Engaging her emotions is undoubtedly the most effective & commanding element of a first text message. When reading your first few messages the goal is to provoke her into experiencing the same feelings of attraction as she felt during your initial meeting.

An easy way to accomplish this is by referencing a subject from your first conversation together. By doing this you bring her back to that time with you and, in turn, bring up the positive feelings she felt in that moment.

If you begin where you left off your relationship will move along much faster pace.
Those positive feeling that you are stirring up are the very basis of her attraction to you (as well as you to her). It isn’t necessary to start over or to reconstruct her positive feeling towards you.

Note: If you got her number in a situation that didn’t allow for much time to talk or build a connection it is crucial that you put the techniques from Using Social Networking Sites into play to increase attraction & establish comfort.

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been going out 4 like 5 months. Everyone was pressuring us to do it! & I really wanted to and he did to but he just didn't have the nerve to do it because we have had like 5 chances to do it and he still didn't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, finally he did it! Ok so our school was doing the play Annie and after the last performence of Saturday night we had a cast party. So of course we both went and so every one was dancing on the stage and 3 of my friends were like telling us and telling us to do it so out of no were he comes up infront of me, puts his arm around me and kisses me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never 4 get that moment. There is no other feeling like you have when u get your first kiss!!!!!! - 12, North Carolina, USA