What is a French Kiss. Presentation, definition of French kissing

What is a French Kiss. Presentation, definition of French kissing
What is a French kissing - A romantic, sensual, erotic kiss - hot kissingIf there is, in the romantic and erotic realm, a topic which has always been seen, by our collective subconscious, as essential, sensual, passionate and deep, it’s definitely French kissing.
As you’ll discover reading these pages and visiting this website, French kissing is more of an art than a set of techniques.
A French Kiss is more than plucking your tongue around in your partner's mouth.
A French Kiss is about feeling passion, desire and giving and/or receiving pleasure. And all this condensed and expressed in one action: a sensual/hot kiss.
Everyone knows what a kiss is. Most people also know that the difference between a kiss and a French Kiss is the use of the tongue in some way. But, what is a French Kiss, precisely?
While giving you the common and our own definitions, to have a better idea of what is a French kiss, I’d like to make a quick point.

What is a French kiss? - Common definitions and differences/hierarchy between kissing, hot kissing, tongue kissing and French kissing.

As much as the use of the tongue is indeed very significant to the true nature/purpose of a French Kiss, the question: « what is a French Kiss? » needs a better answer than: « To kiss with an open mouth, usually placing one's tongue in the other person's mouth. » or : « You and your partner putting your tongue in each others mouth and moving it around with your lips locked. »

These are the standard definitions you get from dictionaries but they are incomplete. They lack the necessary mention to the ingredients which make a French Kiss so famous, so desired to be learned, mastered and… practiced of course.
It only partially explains what is a French Kiss and why, in many countries, this kind of kissing as a public display of affection is discouraged, considered taboo or licentious.
The conventional descriptions completely disregard one’s (subconscious) reasons, motivations, purpose and pleasure to French Kiss her/his partner.
So, what are the ingredients the usual definitions of what is a French Kiss lack of? Passion, sensuality, desire, eroticism and pleasure.

Definitions like: « an open-mouthed kiss with probing tongues » leave out the very essence of what is a French Kiss, presenting it as a mere technique when it’s, in fact and undoubtedly, if not an art, the expression of one’s desires, passion and sensuality.

Here, you could ask me: « Isn’t it what a kiss also is?»
And I’ll answer that there’s a difference and even a hidden hierarchy between kissing, hot kissing, tongue kissing and French kissing.
Yes, kissing can definitely express all these feelings and emotions. But it can also express friendship, family love, tenderness, devotion, kindness… depending essentially on its location, the lips pressure, the person you give it to and its time length.

A French Kiss, on the other hand, can only be interpreted one way and is done specifically between two people involved in a romantic relationship and/or having (sexual) desires for one another.
Would you French Kiss your mother, brother, friend, dog or baby? You see my point.

Hot kissing someone is already more explicit than kissing since the adjective ‘hot’ implies sensuality, eroticism and maybe passion. But hot kissing doesn’t necessary involve the tongue.
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Tongue kissing is a pretty much a straight notion. It describes a kiss using the tongue. But that’s it. There’s no other implication. It lacks the emotional dimension, the passion, ‘sexyness’… of the hot kissing and French kissing concepts. Still, it can be considered implicit or hidden in some way. As the tongue is one of the most erogenous zones of our body, doesn’ it entail pleasure and enjoyable feelings? You decide.
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