French kissing Pickup line

French kissing Pickup line #4:
It’s ok… I’m not gonna try to kiss you… I’m gonna French kiss you.

This is a statement you can make after having approached her. When you feel the vibe is good but she’s still on the fence. It must be said in a funny and joking way but it gives her food for thought and make her think about hot kissing you. This becomes a possibility in her mind. And it may be a pleasant one since you clearly imply you’ll French kiss her (if and when you do kiss her).
French kissing Pickup line #5:
If a guy, when he first kisses you, does it with a French kiss (if he does it well, of course), what do you think of him? Say, comparing with another guy who simply kisses you?
Again, you’re implicitly saying that your first kiss will be a French kiss. Which is a prospect, need I remind you, potentially a lot more appealing than a dull/mediocre ‘normal’ kiss. And it’s another open question.

You’ll also be able to keep the interaction alive using part of her/his answer as discussion topics.
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French kissing Pickup line #6:
How do you like to be French kissed? You know there are different techniques and methods, right?

Here you can play the expert and exploit the knowledge/theory you’ve learned here or extracted from great French Kissing e-Books to your advantage. You’ll convey the message that you really know how to tongue kiss and suggest to her, implicitly, that you are a good French kisser because you‘re knowledgeable. Who doesn’t like some good hot kissing action?
French kissing Pickup line #7:
Are you a kiss or French kiss kind of girl?
Variant: I’m sure you’re the hot kissing type of girl. I’m right, aren’t I?

You: Nowadays, girls still don’t know how to decently French kiss. It’s depressing. I met a girl yesterday, she didn’t have a clue about tongue kissing… I had to tell her it would be best if we just stayed friends.

Am I the only one thinking girls seriously need some hot kissing lessons? What do you think? Did it happen to you? Or: What about guys? Do they know how to French kiss?
Her/him: ____________ (Whatever she says)

You: What about you? Do you think you know how to French kiss?
Her/him: ____________ (Whatever she says)

You: If someone doesn’t know how to French kiss, or do it poorly, you know what it means, right?

You can even link French kissing to sex (and you if you do a good job) because you’ll develop the theory (which is a real one) that someone makes love as (good or bad as) she/he French kisses. How can someone be good in bed if he can’t tongue kiss good?
Therefore, within a few sentences, you’ll already be speaking with her about sex. That’s the kind of stuff some people needs 3 dates for…
And it’ll seem natural since the way you get to the subject won’t be perceived as insulting nor inappropriate.
French kissing Pickup line #9:
You’ve got lips made for French kissing… Show me your tongue.
She shows you her tongue but barely or just sticking it out with no sensuality.
She doesn’t reproach you. Many women are sure that their reproaches can make men to do something, but clever woman always knows when to keep silent. For example, there is no sense in reproaching you for leaving socks in the middle of a room or for forgetting to wash the dishes. But you should be careful with keeping silence, too. Here is a simple example: you live together, you haven’t spent night at home for some reason and have forgotten to call her, but she doesn’t even think to reproach you and ask questions. It is suspicious and looks like she doesn’t care about you.
That wasn’t sensual at all. Come on, I’m sure you can do better than that.

She executes herself and give you the curled tongue (very sexy when they put their tongue out of their mouth, curling it up and touching their superior lips.Yeah…You’ve definitely got the tongue too… As well as the right attitude.

Variant1: You’ve got lips made for French kissing… I’m not kidding… And I’m sure you’ve got the tongue too. And begin to interact/discuss with her.

Variant2: You’ve got lips made for French kissing… But have you got the tongue? Don’t show me now. We’ll see later about that. And begin to interact/discuss with her.French Kissing pickup lines - how to approach girls -

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Here, do not make the ‘show me your tongue’ line sound like a command. Smile but show you want her to execute herself. Your body language and tone of voice must convey that you’re expecting her to do it but in a daring or teasing way.
This kind of pickup lines can be used in a club, party and any kind of festive environment. It’s not recommended if you want to approach a girl in the street. But even in the most awkward situation it can work.

It depends on your skills, the mood your ‘target’ is in or her personality.

French kissing Pickup line #10:
Who are the best French kissers, men or women/girls?

Another open question. This kind of opener works best within a group of people. Very useful when you’re interested in a girl who‘s not alone and you still need something to approach her.
Do not direct your question to her. At first, ask it to the group and interact with her step by step. You need to be accepted by the group first.

Well, that’s it. I hope these pickup lines will indeed give you some ideas and help you approach, attract and seduce girls.