How to win the heart of a woman- How to tongue kiss

How to French Kiss. How to tongue kiss. Avoid rookie mistakes that can ruin it all. Basic French kissing tips you absolutely need to know before tongue kissing someone.

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Before to even try to learn how to French kiss someone you need to know basic French kissing tips in order to make sure you’re well prepared to French Kiss girls or that you won’t forget something before you try tongue kissing a guy.
You don’t want to make rookie mistakes which would ruin a potentially great tongue kissing experience... Or a promising relationship altogether.
Some of these French kissing tips are pertinent for kissing as well but most of them are exclusively about French kissing since it‘s done with an open mouth, with your tongue and because that‘s not the type of kiss that comes the most naturally… At first.

- How to tongue kiss - Basic French kissing Tip #1: Freshen up your breath.

This is a necessity for a simple kiss as well but even more so for a French Kiss.
As you’re gonna open your mouth and use your tongue, you clearly don’t want to have a smelly mouth. It would be unacceptable.
9 out of 10 persons would refuse to (French) kiss someone with a dirty mouth or a foul breath.
So, you need a good oral hygiene. Also, if you know you’re gonna tongue kiss your partner, try to avoid stuff like onions, garlic, milk, spicy food, smoking, alcohol...
It would be a shame to transform a potentially very pleasant moment in an awful one because of a dirty mouth and/or a foul breath.
In any case, and to avert this eventuality in the first place, always pack some candies or gums with you if you think there’s a chance (even a slight one) you will French kiss someone. It’s the least you can do. Get rid of it before the kiss to avoid any risk of discomfort or suffocation.

- How to tongue kiss
- Basic French kissing Tip #2: Relax.

If you read through these pages, you’ll learn a lot of info, tips and techniques to prepare you to be a very good French Kisser. So, no need to panic. Knowledge will lessen any fear you could have.How to tongue kiss - Basic French kissing tips - Relax
You don’t have to think too much about your tongue kissing technique before the act. It’ll come naturally and quite easily because you’ll have integrated most of the French kissing tips you read on our website.
If it takes more time than you‘d like, don’t forget that you need practice so don’t be too harsh on yourself. You shouldn’t beat yourself up for not making a perfect French Kiss since there is no such thing. You’ll always improve as long as you’ll maintain a positive mind and keep on practicing. So, consider the essential and most important points about French kissing (Though don’t try to do too much at first. Use a step by step approach.) and allow yourself to enjoy the moment. That’s the most sure way to make it a hit.

- How to tongue kiss - Basic French kissing Tip #3: Moisten your lips.

Dry lips are not agreeable to feel, nor to make use of, for a kiss. So, slightly moisten them by adding some saliva with your tongue before French kissing someone. If you’re chewing on a gum or a candy, by licking your lips you’ll add some flavor on them. You’ll enhance your partner’s French Kissing experience, making it an even more tasty and pleasurable one. You can also apply moisturizing lip balm but be careful about its taste and smell.
For girls: Before to French Kiss a guy, better to let your lipstick dry cause it can quickly become very messy. I think you know it already but I mention it nonetheless, just to be on the safe side.