Be Unique, Express and Enjoy Yourself

Be Unique, Express and Enjoy Yourself

As we indirectly suggested in our What is a French Kiss Section, there are quite some reasons as to Why French Kissing one's partner.
We could reformulate the question and ask why French kissing a girl or a guy is so important?

Therefore, the goal of this section will be to give you enough reasons to never ask "Why French kissing a girl or a guy is so important?" again.

- Why tongue kissing
- Importance of French kissing good #0:
To avoid a breakup. To impress your partner.

Whether you know it or not, kissing can make or break a relationship with a lover. After all, kissing and French kissing are ways for two people to intertwine souls and really feel one another. Kissing has been used as a nonverbal form of communication for thousands of years, which proves that kissing has stood the test of time. People test each other with kissing to see if that person is someone that they click with. Therefore, people can and will end relationships due to the other person being a bad kisser. However, these people generally do not tell their partner that kissing is the reason that they are breaking up. Learning to become a good kisser through skills and tips can help ensure that no one will break up with you because you are a bad kisser, instead people will notice you are a great kisser and will want to be with you.

This is a quote from the French Kissing Secrets Book . It’ll simply redirect you to a brief presentation of this e-book) for you to have an idea of how important it is to know how to French Kiss good or how to tongue kiss passionately.

Becoming a skilful French kisser to improve your attraction potential and, therefore, your ability to impress your partner, should be, for you, the first reason why you need to learn all the French kissing tips and tongue kissing techniques you can. French Kissing good should be a duty. For your partners, but also for yourself, your own romantic and sexual life.
You don’t want your partner to break up with you because of your poor French kissing skills. You want him/her to praise you for them. You want to impress her/him. You want to…

- Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good #1:
…To stand out from the crowd.

Undoubtedly, your actions are more important, but words are equally important! Don’t expect a woman to ask you questions like “do you love me?”; don’t laugh and make jokes on this subject. If you are not able to say pleasant things to women, so much the worse! Start learning right now!
You don’t only kiss, you French Kiss. It’s a first-class, superior kiss. Why French kissing a girl - Why French kissing a guy - Tongue kissing - Stand out from the crowd.Not only you show difference compared to most people, but this diversity has a higher value. This is not being different for the sake of being different. A kiss is an easy exercise. On the other hand, French Kissing (good) demands more knowledge and expertise, even some (French) ‘flair‘.
This aspect can be summarized and made clear with two questions: Who do you think will be regarded and remembered as a good (better) kisser? A guy/girl who only kisses or someone who can French Kiss?

Though not as good as you will because he/she is lacking the knowledge (and, later on, expertise) you will acquire on French or from the two best French Kissing e-Books we introduce you to.
- Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good #2:
To convey your passionate, sensual and erotic nature.

We are who we are, full stop! It is not enough for a woman to be the chosen one: she wants to hear all the time WHY have you chosen her, HOW STRONGLY you love her and WHAT you are ready to do for her.

- Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good #3:
To show your romantic/sexy side (men). To show your sexy/naughty side (girls).
Guys: A soft (yes, there can be different form of French Kisses as we’ll see in our How to French Kiss section) French Kiss is perceived, first and foremost, as inherently romantic by girls/women. It’s quickly seen as erotic (romantic is sexy), but there is always this fantasy/fairy tale connotation that you simply can’t shake. That’s why two French Kiss synonyms are: ‘deep kiss’ (no, not in the throat) and ‘soul kiss’.
Thus, if you tenderly French kisses her, a girl will always see it as romantic (and therefore attractive).

You want to know a secret? If girls want romantic guys, it's to be able to accept a sexual relationship (yes girls/women want to have sex as much as guys do) without feeling the guilt that most women feel when having sex (the first time) with someone. Why? Because romantic means respectuous. In fact, it's the level above respect since charm, desires and sensuality are added.

Women like a romantic guy (aka a gentleman) because they think/know he doesn't see them as a piece of meat, a simple means to get THEIR selfish satisfaction.
The image a woman has of herself is partially and positively reflected by the eyes of a romantic guy/a gentleman (that's called the mirror effect. Part of who we are - our value - is determined by the opinion others have of us. This is especially true for our social value.).
And this image is the one of a desired, of course, but respected and VALUABLE PERSON. Not simply an OBJECT of pleasure/desire.
That's why most women, most of the time, say they want a romantic guy... To be able to have sex with a man who actually deserves them. Someone with whom they feel appreciated for who they are... Not simply for what they can give (i.e pleasure).
Like that they don't feel degradated in any way to have given themselves to him. Because if he respects them as a person, he is deserving. And if he is deserving of their body, there is no need for guilt. Do you follow?
The key, for a man, is to combine respect/thoughtfulness/care (romantic attributes) with strength/leadership/social value... (Alpha male characteristics) . Because a man still needs to be a man, to be slightly superior/stronger in some ways (I don't speak intellectually of course) to be regarded as desirable. You can be respectuous and caring and ending up as (only) a friend if you're not careful.

If you want to know more about girls' mind, you really need to read the "Super Seduction power" e-Book (secured link). You will learn, for example, that the biggest component to fixing or improving your sex life is how you are perceived by girls/women (i.e your Sexual Value). You'll discover the Deep Psychological Secrets to getting women sexually aroused and that there are ways to dramatically improve their perception of you as a potential sexual partner... Ways you could never have thought about.
Girls: For men, to French Kiss is like establishing a deeper connection, a step towards the ultimate goal: the discovery of your whole body… Ultimately sex of course. So, if a guy French kisses you, it basically means "I want you now".
You may feel the same way without knowing how to express it (without having to actually say it).

If you are among the girls/women who think there are few possibilities for girls to show their sensual/erotic (naughty?) side without being seen as slutty, I recommend you to use French kissing to do so. You’ll be seen as sensual and convey your sexual desires without risking misinterpretation and your reputation. (more on this topic in tip #5 below)