Today I had my first kiss

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Today I had my first kiss with the sweetest guy ever! I have been going out with Ray for almost three months now and today was the last day of school. He kissed me on the cheek in front of almost all my friends and it was amazing! - Anonymous, 12 years old, Newburgh, New York
ok my first kiss was horribal and to all of the girls that are on here looking at these storys because u are nervus and u want to see how people got their first kiss....ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. i was exactely like u but afterward ur gong to think..."is that what i have been waiting for for so long?"
well anyways time to go one with the story ok i was at my my best friend andrea's house and me, her, and tessa were at the pool. our guy friends francis and jasiah called and wanted to hangout so we did. they drived to andrea's house and we watched them skate for a while. well anyways before they left me and tessa were at the pool, but andrea was outside the pooling hanging out with them.

well anyways idk what happened but then andrea almost got her first kiss with francis and she gave francis and jasiah a kiss on the anyways we got to a place in like the middle of a coldasack and we started. the dares we retarted then because idk i guess we were all nervus so like everyone like just started kissing each other on the checks and getting kissed on their checks. but anyways so then andrea's mom called and she said that she had to go home. so we walked to her house then her mom said it was ok if they came inside so we let them.
we whent down in the basment and played it again because jasiah kept on freaking insisting that we do. so ok then tessa dared me to kiss jasiah on the lips.

YA MY FIRST KISS!!! ok jasiah is pretty ugly so i was just like eww but then i didn't want to seem prude so i did it! it was like a half a second peck. BOOM there u go my first kiss.
i thought the guy was a ugly pervert and i got my first kiss with him.
so then i i dared my friend andrea to kiss him because he likes her and there we go bOOM her first kiss with a perv. that she didn't like.i was waiting 13 years for that and i got it with someone who's face make's me feel like im going to freakin throw up. ya. but the only good thing was when they had to leave i gave everyone hugs and when i gave francis a hug he kiss me on the lips :D

it was a peck but i used to like him and i thought he was hott so that mad me somwhat happy about the situation lol. but all the stress and all the worry and crap me and andrea worried about was soo not worth it.
so all u girls out there who r freaking out dont cause its natural and everything will be ok. lol. and one tip enless u know like for a fact that u r going to kiss the guy u like in like a kissing game dont do it espacally on a first kiss. u might end up like me kissing a guy u think is discuating as ur first. and its ur first forever and u cant ever change it so just trust me and do it with ur boyfriend or someone u really care about. lol - anonymous

It was the last school dance, well actually the last dance for 7'th and 8'th graders. I was there with my first girlfriend Shanee who I love more than anything and I was constantly telling myself, 'Okay, now remember you are GOING to kiss her tonight!' Neither of us had ever kissed anyone before but I was sure that she would love me enough to kiss me.
I was talking to my best friend Billy, who tried to have a relationship with her the previous year but he was to forward about it so she refused him, and he told me that there was no way she would kiss me. That did make me a little more nervous but I was able to put it out of my head.
At about 9:10 the song I was waiting for finally started playing. It was 'My Heart will go on.' from the movie Titanic. Anyway, we started slow dancing and we were just talking about nothing important and then I said, 'You know what Shanee? Those girls in your elementary school were wrong. You really are beautiful.' Then she hugged me and when she stopped I held her chin and tilted her head up to look at me and then I kissed her. No one can ever tell you how a first kiss feels because it is so wonderful that you have to experience it for yourself and even then you can't describe it, I will never forget that night. We are still a couple and have no intention of ever splitting up. - Sam, 13, Groveland, MA

Ok, this was my 2nd bf, but my 1st 'real' bf. ya know, the 1st guy 2 actually treat me like hiz girl...we were chilling in his room, playing Guitar Hero II (yea, im a video-game girl!! lol), and in between songs he gradually got closer and closer to me on his bed, where we were sitting at.

I knew that he wanted to kiss me, because a few days before he wanted to kiss me just after midnight at my New Years Eve party. But since there were a lot of ppl at the party, he decided to wait...well i had to go home, and just before we walked out of his room he turned to me, mumbled something, put my hair behind my ear (its usually covering my face a lil), moved his hair (yea, he has LONG hair), and gave me a few small pecks. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his room and into the main room of his basement.

I told him 'i love you', he said 'i love you to babe', and he walked me home...i wanna laugh thinking back, b/c i KNOW i waz a terrible kisser then! teehee!! he knew it was my 1st tho, and i knew he was WAY more experienced than me...he kissed me again about 5 min later when we said good-bye at my house, and it already felt more natural!! Sadly, i broke up w/ him 3 weeks ago 2day b/c he was fooling around w/ another girl....*tear*. But we still talk, and may get back together in the future... =] - Anonymous, Age 14, Indiana