For Him- For Her

For Him
Will she be able to tell I'm inexperienced?

Not at all. Because everybody kisses differently and everyone has their own style of kissing. So she'll never know unless you tell her yourself.

How do I approach her for that first Kiss?

For those of you who are really shy you can take the gentleman's approach. When your date is over, make sure the two of you are alone. Let's say that you're in front of her house, saying good-bye. Tell her what a great time you had with her. Then ask her nicely if it would be OK to kiss her good-bye. Using this approach takes the guess work out of who is going to make the first move and when.
For those of you who are bold and brave, the best approach is to just do it. It's the most romantic and will have a better lasting effect on her. So let's say again that you're in front of her house, saying good-bye after a date. Tell her what a great time you had with her and you want to see her again. Let her reply. Then take her hands in yours, or better yet take her face in your hands, and slowly move close to her and bring your lips gently on hers.

Is it OK to give her a French Kiss for the first kiss?

We wouldn't advise it, especially if she's nervous and maybe she's never kissed before. What we recommend is that you start off with a gentle close-mouthed kiss. If that goes well, then you can move into a French kiss, but it's not necessary. So don't feel pressured into giving her a French kiss.

How do you know when a girl wants to be French Kissed?

You won't know unless she uses her tongue first. The best way to approach a French kiss if she hasn't first is to kiss her. If her tongue doesn't enter your mouth to touch your tongue then just move your tongue between her lips until it touches hers.
For Her
Will he be able to tell I'm inexperienced?

Not at all. Because everybody kisses differently and everyone has their own style of kissing. So he'll never know unless you tell him yourself.

How can I kiss him without him being completely shocked and not ready for it?

Just tell him. The best time for a first kiss is when the two of you are saying good-bye. Make sure you are alone and just before you two part, let him know that you would like him to kiss you or that you would like a goodnight/good-bye kiss, etc. That way he won't be surprised and you will have made the first move.

Is it Ok for a girl to make the first move?

Most certainly! When the two of you are walking just go ahead and take his hand. Look at him sweetly when you do this to check his reaction. Then, when you are ready to say good-bye just go ahead and give him a kiss.

What does a guy want when kissing?

Every guy expects something different when they kiss. That is because every guy is an individual and each guy has his own likes and dislikes when it comes to kissing. It usually takes a few times kissing with one person before the two of you know how the other person kisses and what they enjoy. You can't tell after only one kiss. Everybody kisses differently.

How do I tell my boyfriend that he is a sloppy kisser?

If you don't tell him how else is he going to know? When the two of you are together and NOT kissing, sit him down and talk to him nicely. Tell him that you really like kissing with him but that you find it a bit wet. Tell him that it is OK to swallow while kissing but that you just wanted him to know this in case he didn't know it.
How can I tell if he's ready to kiss me?

The best way to tell if a guy is ready to kiss is by the way he acts around you. If he looks at you when he's talking, if you catch him gazing at you, if he acts affectionately around you by holding your hand or holding you close, then it's pretty sure that he's ready to kiss.

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