If you’re lucky women..

If you’re lucky enough to have an IKEA near you, stop in a few times a month. Sure, it’s a furniture store – but it’s also a place where people hang out and interact. Besides, it has a cafe, a restaurant and a snack bar. In no time flat, you’ll have collected plenty of phone numbers.
You’re not going to meet new women by sitting at home every day and every night. Keep this list of where to pick up women in mind and get into the habit of frequenting these places. Get out there and take charge of your dating destiny today!

I'm 13 years old and my first kiss was with my neighbor. He moved in about 4 years ago but we started going out in like January of 07. We were always good friends but one night on the Internet he started to flirt with me. And it ended up with us going out. We always talked about kissing but always kinda chickened out when we saw each other in person.

The one night it was kind of cold and we were sitting together on my back deck alone and it was really silent. Then he kissed me on the lips and it was like amazingly awesome. but after like 6 months of us going out we broke up. =[ we are still good friends but whenever things come up about us and how we went out with each other he always claims the he regrets it. but I know he doesn't. - Geena