Where to Pick Up Women: Seven Surprising Places

If you were to ask most of your guy friends where to pick up women, most of them would probably tell you to hang out at the bar more often. After all, alcohol flows freely there – and alcohol lowers those pesky inhibitions. The truth is, though, that the bar really isn’t where to pick up women – at least not the decent ones. If you want a real shot at landing an attractive, interesting woman, there are plenty of better options; seven of them are outlined below.
- At The Beach
- During Volunteer Activities
- At the Bookstore
- At the Gym
- At the Dog Park
- At the Grocery Store

My frist kiss was on St.Patricks day 2006. I was at my best friends house for a week, and her friends where having a party so we went. Well, I will admit I spent most of the night over the toilet throwing up, but during that time Steve; the guy I liked at that time; was there and comforting me. He was really sweet, he had his arm around my waist and stayed close to comfort me! I was amazed at him for staying there while the others were partieing. After I finished throwing-up I turned and looked at him. It was my first kiss, and I really wanted to, so I leaned in and we started kissing... Well 'French Kissing'.

I happened to open my eyes and look over his shoulder to see the boy who owned the house looking in. I stopped the kiss, being well embarressed and yelled for him to get out. He ran downstairs telling people we were making out... It really fustrated me. Well to be honest I tried to kiss Steve the day or two before hand but he was to tall and I missed by just a bit. He was out of it so he really didn't notice. BUT the kiss was soo cute. I wont forget it. - anonymous, Canada, 15