The Jealous Girlfriend Opener

The easiest way to start a conversation is by asking a question about some sort of drama in your life. Women love answering questions about interpersonal relationships. Do you need to use canned openers to pick up? No, you don’t. But canned openers are really useful as a backup.

I love to open with spontaneous stuff whenever possible, but when I meet a really great girl, my mind has a bad tendancy of going blank. Seriously, the hotter the girl, the dumber the thing my brain wants to open her with. Thankfully, whenever I meet a woman of such quality that my brain turns to mush, I have a bunch of canned openers to fall back on.

My first kiss was with a boy that I had really liked for a looong time.

I went to a baseball game with him and one of my best friends and then her mom dropped me and the guy off at his house when it was over. ( I lived right across the street) He invited me to come talk with him for a while and we ended up laying in this really comfy hammock thing on his porch After a while it got really quiet and he just turned and kissed me. It was really spontaneous but sweet. We started making out then but I was a little uncomfortable cause it was my first time so I just put my head on his chest. I listened to his heart beat and I guess we both fell asleep. The next thing I knew my mom was standing there trying to wake me up. Surprisingly, she wasn't mad or anything though. So it was pretty great. We broke up because I moved but we're still great friends. - Anonymous, Virginia, age 14